China’s Tianyun-1, the first anniversary of its Mars mission

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China’s first independently conducted Mars exploration mission, Tianwen 1, entered Mars orbit on February 10, 2021 and has successfully worked on the red Planet for one year.The arrival of Tianwen 1 on Mars was just one stage of the mission. Three months later, the Zhurong Mars rover successfully landed on The red Planet on May 14, 2021.Tienwen 1 successfully landed the Zhurong Mars rover on the surface of Mars. During a Mars exploration mission, the arrangement of the orbiter and the Mars rover was completed at the same time, forming a relatively three-dimensional systematic Mars exploration.It has been working on Mars for a year and its instruments are still healthy.The main goals of the Mission are to explore the Utopian plains of Mars, map the planet’s geology and explore its geological composition.After successfully landing on Mars, the Zhurong Rover took pictures with its camera and lander, and then began to head south to explore the planet’s surface environment and geological features.At present, China has only Tianwen 1 on Mars, so the data of Zhurong rover will be transmitted back to Earth through Tianwen 1. As China’s initial Mars exploration mission, zhurong’s data transmission speed is relatively slow.In late September 2021, because the sun block the communication between earth and Mars, all the Mars missions into the break, in early November, jiu ge reduce their number one orbit height, use of carrying scientific instruments, has carried on the close to Mars probe, ravaged by number is moving to the south, along the analysis of various geological Mars.The Zhurong spacecraft has traveled more than 1,500 meters on Mars, gaining a lot of surface data and panoramic images of the planet.The Zhurong spacecraft will embrace the Martian seasons: The planet’s period of revolution is 687 days, so a Martian year is about the same as two years on Earth, and the seasons are about twice as long as those on Earth.Tienwen 1 will successfully operate on Mars for one Earth year, but for Mars, it will only be two quarters, and then the planet will move into winter, when it receives less sunlight, making it difficult for the solar panels to collect enough energy.The arrival of winter will also make Mars more prone to massive dust storms, a big challenge for Zhurong.The Design life of the Tienwen 1 orbiter is one Martian year, about two years of earth’s, while the Zhurong Mars rover is only 92 days.The Tianyun-1 orbiter has now passed half of its design life, while the Zhurong Mars rover is in the stage of supernormal performance. Both Tianyun-1 and Zhurong performed very well as the first Mars exploration mission.And in space, the quality of Chinese made has always been very high guarantee, China’s lunar rover, is still setting a new record for the longest work, I believe that Tianwen 1 and Zhurong, will also be able to survive on Mars, provide scientists on Earth with more Mars data.Conclusion: The Mission is mainly to conduct geological exploration and map the Red Planet.Tianyun-1 is also the basis for collecting samples from Mars. Through its geological analysis of rocks on the surface of Mars, scientists can make appropriate sample collection plans according to the Martian geology, so as to help humans obtain Martian rock samples and explore the secrets of the solar system.