Children under 1.3 meters in Beijing enjoy free bus and subway tickets

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Recently, the Beijing municipal party committee municipal government issued the about optimization of fertility policy to promote the population long-term balanced development of the implementation of the plan of the notice, for the comprehensive implementation “of the communist party of China central committee and state council on optimization of fertility policy decision” to promote the development of long-term equilibrium population, organize the implementation of good three child birth policy and related supporting measures, the realization moderate fertility, optimize the structure of population,To promote long-term balanced development of population and formulate implementation plans based on the reality of Beijing.Among them, the plan mainly proposes the following points: To speed up the construction of a universal childcare service system, and improve the provision of childcare service facilities according to the standard that there should be no less than 4.5 childcare places per 1,000 people, of which no less than 60% are universal childcare places.We will establish and improve a population service system that covers the entire life cycle of the population, with the focus on the elderly and the young.Comprehensive prevention and treatment of birth defects, strengthen the linkage between departments, improve the comprehensive prevention and treatment network of birth defects, and improve the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and tracking services of birth defects.We will continue to improve support policies.We will fully implement policies to include expenses for caring for children under the age of three into special additional deductions for personal income tax.We encourage and support qualified kindergartens to set up nursery classes for children aged 2 to 3 and provide nursery services on the basis of meeting the requirements for children aged 3 to 6.Improve and innovate related supporting policies, and children under 1.3 meters can enjoy free tickets on buses and subways.We will promote equity in education and the supply of quality educational resources.We will standardize the training behavior of disciplinary off-campus training institutions and the standards of private education and training institutions, and strictly examine off-campus offline training.Employers have established a sound collective contract responsibility system for protecting the rights and interests of female employees.Source: CCTV News