Three hundred poems | dinosaur rain song

2022-04-27 0 By

Article name/Fahrenheit, that it rained in one million for taking away our world… the invaders from 勓 star ye the medulla developed apes took our food for taking away our sun took the sky and the rivers took our happy home… the one million years of rain is our dragon unprecedented disaster, we holding on toWe struggle we give up all the glory and dignity we humbly compromise to you we helplessly surrender to you… our tall and straight body in the unrecognizable hills, valleys, mountains, lakes……Kneel down, curl up, painful little by little into you can be pinched cockroach, lizard, parrot, finch…We linger in your world long sorrow, evening light no longer……We’ve held on for millions of years and we’ve forgotten the past and we’re waiting for the next one, a million years of rain