On the 23 founding generals who served beyond their age: one was from Hebei, and six fought in Hebei

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Let’s talk about the past and the present and dig deep into the history of Hebei that you don’t know. Hello, everyone, I’m “Qing Shi Jun”. Welcome to “Qing Shi View”, bringing you fresh, interesting and authentic historical stories every day.Today, we talk about the story of the founding generals for you.Before Major General Yu guangwen was awarded the rank in 1955, the PLA had formulated relevant policies on the service of officers in active service.In February 1955, the Regulations on the Service of Officers of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army was promulgated, which specified that the age of lieutenant-generals in active service was 60 and that of second-class reserve officers was 65.The age of a major general in active service is 55, that of a reservist in the first class is 60 and that of a reservist in the second class is 65.Later, in 1963, the regulations were revised, but the age of major-generals was still 55 and that of lieutenant-generals was 60.Of course, there is also a provision, general (including) and above the rank of officers, there is no specific age set for active service, the wording is “determined by the case”.The average age of major General Song Xuefei is only 43 years old, but there are some old generals born at the end of the 19th century, 10 of them belong to the over-age service, respectively shi Kequan, Li Yuan, Peng Xianlun, Zi Feng, Zhang Jimin, Ding Wuxuan, Yao Xingwu, Wei Zhen, Li Zhi, Yuan Yelie.Lieutenant General Fu Lianzhang, 61, is an overage soldier.Most of these over-aged major-generals were officers in logistics and supply departments, and some, such as Zifeng, were already 33 years old when they joined the Red Army.Fu Lianzhang and Li Zhi are special and have been working in the medical department for a long time.Among them, General Wei Zhen graduated from Baoding Military Academy, and General Yuan Yelie served as chief of staff of the Qinghe Military Division at the border of Hebei and Shandong, and some of the intersection of the two in Hebei.Major General Yuan Yelie in addition to 1955 rank of the first group of generals, in the 1960s rank of generals, there are a few over-age service.According to statistics, three major generals promoted in 1961 served over age, respectively deng Zhongren and Song Xuefei, 57 years old, and Kong Qiaofan, 62 years old.Yu guangwen was promoted to major general in 1962 at the age of 60.Among the major generals promoted in 1964, eight were overage servicemen: MAO Shaoxian, Zhang Xianliang and Zhou Jiuyin, aged 56; Wang Shiren, Cao Mengpu and Xie Guoyi, aged 57; Yang Youshan, aged 58; and Liu Huachun, aged 59.Many of these men have long served in logistics and supply departments, earning their generalships through seniority and decades of hard work.Some had served in the New Fourth Army.Among these generals, Song Xuefei, Deng Zhongren, Yang Youshan, Yu Guangwen and Xie Guoyi had some interactions with Hebei.Song, himself a native of Yi County, Hebei province, was a senior colonel in 1955 and promoted to major general in 1961.Song Xuefei was a former general of the Northeast Army. After the founding of New China, he served as chief of staff of the 68th Army, deputy commander of the Hebei Military Region, and deputy commander of the Beijing Garrison Region.During the War of Resistance against Japanese aggression, Yu Guangwen worked in north China for a long time. His wife and children were brutally killed by the enemy.During the Anti-Japanese War, General Deng Zhongren was the battalion commander of the independent battalion in the Southern Hebei Military region and the commander of the 26th Regiment. During the War of Liberation, he fought side by side in Siping with ma Renxing, a martyr from Hebei province.General Yang Youshan was a native of Liaoning province. Like Song Xuefei, he had also studied in northeast Jiangwu Hall.He worked and fought in Hebei for a long time during the Anti-Japanese War and the War of Liberation.After the founding of new China, Yang Youshan had served as deputy commander of hebei Military Region and other positions.Major General Xie Guoyi was a former general of the Red Army. During the Anti-Japanese War, he served as deputy commander of the 10th Military Sub-region of the Central Hebei Military Region.After the founding of New China, he served as commander of Tianjin Sub-Division of Hebei Military Region, commander of Training Headquarters of Hebei Military Region, and head of Training Headquarters of Supplementary Regiment of North China Military Region.In his later years, General Xie Guoyi was transferred to shanxi Military region, where he retired and died.Major General Zifeng well, today our story is over, welcome to pay attention to our next release of the article.You can also leave a message to say you want to hear the story, want to know the history, we try to meet your requirements, tell you.This number has signed a contract with “rights knight”, this number of articles without permission, it is strictly prohibited to reprint, plagiarism, offenders will be prosecuted!Please comment civilly and put an end to abuse and attack.