Fengyang this guy second-class merit!

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A few days ago, Chuzhou military sub-division, Chuzhou retired military affairs Bureau, county people’s Armed Forces Department, county retired military affairs Bureau, Red town and other relevant person in charge, the good news, the letter of sympathy and 30000 yuan bonus to the active serviceman Xu Long home.At Xu long’s home, the military and local leaders thanked Xu long’s parents and wife for their support of Xu Long’s dedication to national defense, and stressed that one man’s meritorious service honors the whole family.His family said they would continue to support Xu long’s career in the army.Xu long said that he would take root in the army camp, keep forging ahead and make new achievements to add luster to his hometown with more excellent results.According to statistics, since 2021, our county has been outstanding soldiers, the second and third meritorious officers and soldiers awarded bonuses of more than 400,000 yuan.In recent years, the county has vigorously supported the construction and development of the national defense army, earnestly implemented the preferential placement policy, actively helped the soldiers to solve their worries, vigorously publicized the meritorious deeds of active servicemen and their families to be respected by the society, and created a strong atmosphere of “let the military become the profession respected by the whole society”.This article source: County Veterans Affairs Bureau Cheng Jiaguan editor: Gao Jie Zheng Xiaorong contributed email: fyxww@163.com