During the Spring Festival holiday, netizens posted their relatives and friends’ meals, some luxurious, some sumptuous, really strong taste of the New Year

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On New Year’s eve is over, turn into the annual lunar calendar, the day all over the country friends will visit family and friends, take carefully selected gifts, visit each other on New Year’s blessing, have dinner together to chat, and holidays, small make up is far away, because of special reasons, failed to return to see parents, today also specially called greetings, listen to my mother said,Their daughter-in-law’s family paid a New Year’s visit to her mother’s home, bringing a cart full of gifts, the mother’s family will also prepare a big table of home-cooked dishes to entertain the daughter’s family, together for a round dinner.Xiaobian take you to see, the Internet users on the second day of the New Year, the Spring Festival holiday walk relatives and friends of food, dishes rich, some luxurious, some rich, the taste of the New Year is really thick, full of ritual feeling.The net friend home to entertain friends and relatives home-cooked meals is luxurious, looks really nice and delicious, in the north is curtilage home not to go out on the first day, the old tradition, the issue will start visiting relatives and friends in succession, the general married daughter would choose go to the bride’s family happy New Year, will live on for a day or two, the bride’s family meals don’t careless, there will be a big table, mealsThe sumptuous dinner must have been prepared for his son-in-law’s family, including steamed crab, braised ribs, cashew nuts with celery, beef with chili and vegetables, and good wine, which would be perfect if paired with a bottle of children’s favorite drink.The meal of this netizen’s home is used to invite a guest very real, each plate is full of, a look is homemade dish, braised prawn, broccoli mushroom fried meatballs, braised perch, carrot fungus fried pepper, braised ribs, white cut chicken, braised duck caught, lotus root and so on, too rich!It’s a great way to entertain guests.This one issue a meal are friends please aunt come home, is homely dishes, all of my aunt love to eat food, cold chicken feet, cold agaric, pea saute diced meat, plain chicken, stir-fried shrimps, halogen pig, steamed crab, pepper stir-fry, soy braised duck, sour pickled cabbage stewed intestine, Fried lettuce, celery Fried meat, such as after a meal to eat grapefruit, raisins,Friends of the Spring Festival holiday food is really sumptuous and delicious, aunt has a good meal.The net friend eat too luxurious relatives party, this is a look at the quality standard of living, rich dishes do not weigh appearance, prawns, cold cucumber silk, steamed crab, steamed lobster, roast pork ribs and steamed abalone, fry 16, steamed scallops, steamed oyster meat and so on, also equipped with all kinds of drinks, a bottle of wine, the food sense is from the south, less oil, less salt, more for steaming food more,Such dishes to entertain friends, there are new ideas nutritious and healthy.The sun by the relative friend’s food is also very rich, delicious, hun vegetable cold heat, looks like hubei people’s homely food, chili is, braised pork, braise in soy sauce wuchang fish, four small hot pot steaming, eating warm stomach and warm, there are a lot of cooking, surrounding the cold dishes, etc., to visit his family really happy New Year!There are so many good things to eat.Most of the dishes posted by the netizen are simple stir-fries with various flavors and lots of meat. They are paired with a few vegetarian dishes to satisfy the tiresome and appetizers. This family really welcomes friends and family to visit.Issue also began the day of the New Year with each other, each other has become a string of old tradition, the Spring Festival together the main is to enhance friendship, reciprocity, lunch or dinner together, usually at home, my friends, please say the true meaning of the respect, also wish you happy New Year, wishing you a good moral.