Army brigade literature: army move defense city, chief of staff emphasize: if toilet don’t use newspaper, meeting block sewer

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The barracks affair serial 169 author: Stone Warrior Shi Jin ‘an, pen name, stone warrior.He was born in 1959 and went to the countryside in 1976. He joined the army in 1978 and chose his own career in 2001.Honorable second – class merit once, third – class merit five times.The first of the army’s long documentary works “Barracks Past Events” series, “Barracks Affairs” (400,000 words), “Bing Said” and “Battle Flag Red” was published, causing a strong response among readers.The second “Barracks affair” continues to be serialized in “battle flag red”, please pay attention to readers.The newly formed artillery brigade has to deal with a myriad of tasks one by one.Ran clearly remembered that once after dinner, the chief of staff of the brigade organized a gathering of cadres and soldiers and made a special lecture on several small issues.The first one is about clogged toilets.We moved from the countryside into the city and the troops took up residence in buildings.Here I want to remind everyone to pay attention to, after the solution, do not always use the newspaper to wipe, this is not good for your ass, but also the toilet blocked up.I should mention that the service center can bring in more toilet paper, some cheap toilet paper.Next time we get together, someone’s toilet is clogged, hold them accountable and find out who’s still wiping it with a newspaper. Find out who that person is, and he’ll stab the toilet. It’s a discipline to enforce.To be honest, this is a serious question, but it is also very good for our body, we must develop toilet paper.Live bungalow does not exist latrine plug, live building to consider sewer plug.Now the management section always has to organize some people to clean the sewer, a very important reason is that many of us use newspapers, this point is not careful, the sewer will be blocked, the management section often organize personnel inspection, found using newspapers to go to the toilet, let him to clean the sewer.The second problem I want to talk about is that we all work in the building, and some people live here. We must be careful not to make noise.Because the sound of walking in the corridor is loud, the echo of the voice is also loud, so it will affect everyone’s work and rest.This is not the same as us living in a bungalow, sound insulation and other aspects are relatively poor, so we should walk softly, talk softly, do not make a noise.This should also be taken as a discipline, and our work should start from these small matters.The third is that after we live in the building, things must be placed in an orderly manner, to ensure the cleanliness of the whole building, can not take things from here, just put them everywhere, where to take things from, to clean up their own health area.In particular, the placing of indoor things and the sanitation of the corridor should be responsible for.These small tasks must be checked every day and grasped at any time.Otherwise, our building will not look like a building.When we move from the countryside to the city, we must adapt to the life and management of the city. This is also the most basic quality and development of a soldier, so as to be a qualified soldier to adapt to the new situation.The brigade chief of staff’s speech has been discussed for some time in the bureau. Using newspapers to relieve oneself is a detail in everyone’s life. It seems that everything is changing from the countryside to the city.The newly formed artillery brigade, as it were, was in the city, and it was on the edge of the city, far from it, and strictly speaking a suburb, except that it had two buildings of three storeys, which set off the atmosphere of the city.The environment is changing, people’s thinking is also changing, the once disliked things, but also in the change of gradually adapt to.The difference between artillery brigades and regiments lies in the changes in geographical environment and people’s thinking under the new situation of reform and opening up.There are service centers around the camp, which are in charge of Lee Dae-sang, which basically guarantee the life of the army logistics.Brigade photo studio by Wu Ran, to solve the cadre photo problem.Still have brigade barbershop, small restaurant, service agency to wait, perfect in succession, solved the life guarantee problem of cadre soldier really.These changes are changing with the needs of the troops.It was Wu Ran and Huo Miao, cold beauties who were parachuted into the artillery brigade from the army propaganda team, who made a bigger change in their thinking.The beauty of Wu Ran is pure beauty with red in white. The more you look at it, the more you look at it, the more you look at it.She and Li Bicheng a strange combination of circumstances go together, namely the get along relation of a friend.Li had been excited for a while and had realized that Wu Ran was just a gorgeous flower that belonged to him and could be seen up close, but the ownership of the flower did not belong to him.Many things grow in trees that never grow.Enron that newsletter report, but quietly into the heart of Wu Ran world.Wu Ran is consciously approaching Enron, but does not want to be so abrupt and incongruous.People’s emotions are generated in silence, the more secret, the depth of the feelings of the more thick.Enron has also been aware of the germinating wu Ran, he faced this sudden emotional meal, do not know how to digest.That day, they came to the company interview, Enron wrote reports, Wu Ran took photos, such an opportunity Wu Ran always want to cherish.She wants to work well, take photos to complete the task well, and want to be able to rub out the spark with Enron, even if burning for a while is also happy.There are always opportunities, the key is how to seize them.Enron, of course, was no. 1 in reporting, always producing the best quality stories as quickly as possible.The health team was a kilometer away from the company camp, along a stretch of soft dirt like bread.Since the beauty of the army was parachuted into the artillery brigade from the propaganda team, Wu Ran and Huo Miao, two sisters, worked in the propaganda department and the health team respectively and lived together in the health team dormitory.In just a few months, the soft dirt road was well trodden by young male officers.Wu Ran and Huo Miao lived in the same dormitory, next to the health corps’ club, which was now an officers’ club.Play cards, entertain, eat, but make an appointment.Some officers go in blindly and will be rejected.Most of the company commanders who came here talked a lot about military training.Last time many company commander, let Li Bisheng talk about the first group of coverage is real results, or enron’s writing bloom.This matter, do not need Li Bisheng to explain, Wu Ran can block their mouth, who refuses to accept, can compete with Li Bisheng.Wu Ran came forward to explain, blocked their unconvinced mouth, no one really.One of the most popular topics of the day in the soldiers’ club was the million Dollar disarmament.This topic is more about Zhang Kelai’s preaching.Anyway, people who come here don’t come here without confidence, capital or position.Even if you shoot the breeze, you need to shoot the breeze. Otherwise, you won’t be welcome once or twice.Wu Ran and huo Miao two female cadres on beauty is about the same, huo Miao is more beautiful than Wu Ran.But in terms of skin color, Wu Ran’s skin is delicate and white, while the flame’s skin is dark and red, so people say that the flame is black peony.The character of the flame is very active, if it were not for the existence of the flame, Wu Ran would not recruit so many male cadres to come here lively.The flame is very lively, in her drive, Wu Ran also let nature take its course.Wu Ran is a quiet woman, she gives people the feeling of arrogance, women’s elegant temperament, flame is incomparable.To be honest, the flame is the public beauty common appreciation, Wu Ran is the exclusive enjoyment of small beauty.In these male officers, Wu Ran did not like who, only a good impression of Li Bisheng.She is not like fire, who is transparent in love, Wu Ran is focused on introverted love, not to let men seize her inner world.