2022 headlines set card guide, good luck card extraction is also very simple, learn these methods

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Set before do necessities, money, thanks to the New Year, to stick couplets on the Spring Festival, family reunion dinner, many friends are hard to set, for extracting times continuously, this card is hard to get “lucky money”, actually it is not surprising, because there are brocade carp, the brocade carp CARDS, smoke into will brocade carp, millions of people in the set of CARDS, brocade carp so point, so difficulty cans be imagined.But don’t lose heart, though not the first time in the first round this card to get lucky money, not a lucky koi, but the second set card activities still has a lot of brocade carp, collected as long as the first round, to get into the second round, the second round of collected only need 5 card can divide again 100 million, collected and top 1000,There is still a lucky koi 10,000 yuan won koi, although the lucky friends have been claimed, but there are still hundreds of thousands of small koi, so there is still a chance.Besides some friends have not set the first round, and some friends have a lot of extra cards in the second set, so now the strategy to come.1, still in the first set: some friends are just starting to play, or just found this activity, because the need to update will have the entrance of the activity.So now the opportunity to come, still in the first set of friends, need to learn some skills, need to retain good extraction times, do not waste, after all, the task is so little, finished, you need to wait for the next day.The first round is still in the collection of card friends, first do not have to worry to extract cards, generally the first out of the most simple which a few, only out of which a few, to be able to give New Year’s money this card, so it will be a waste of opportunity.So there was no simple card, can go to find someone else to share the card, to fill their first card, to extract, so don’t waste the opportunity, although also can be repeated to draw card, but there are more chances to get lucky money this card directly, to collect synthesis, quickly into the second round set card, may stay in the hands of extraction times,Make yourself lucky koi.2, began to set the second set: some friends very early has set the first set, began to set the second set, the second set than the first set of difficult, also need a lot of cards to synthesize.And need is the first set of cards to synthesize, so this time special consumption extraction times, but do not worry, also need 5 pieces to set up, retain the good extraction times.When their hands do not have the first set of a certain card, at this time do not have to rush to extract, you can first find others to share to fill, and then to extract, so as not to waste the opportunity.Because when the first round of cards lack a certain card, is unable to draw the New Year’s money card, then there will be other repeated or draw their own lack of that card, so it will waste the opportunity to draw, have to go to others to find their own lack of, and then to draw, will not waste the opportunity.And their hands have extra second round set card cards, can also share out, because a lot of friends just began to set the second set, demand is still more, share out and can give yourself more extraction times.3, don’t try so hard, the card in the ongoing activity, also have a plenty of time, some friends have already had no patience, this is understandable, after all, all want to get brocade carp, the brocade carp is few, get the hardest CARDS, early must be very difficult, although has collected many times, still didn’t get, don’t lose heart, after all, millions of people in the set.So don’t get the brocade carp, my friend, just a little bit of patience, to extract the opportunity, make the card sets, is very simple, after all, now has entered the second round of the set of CARDS, the most difficult in the first round lucky money this card, has been a lot of, only need to take a few times, will soon be collected, after collected, although there is no brocade carp,But you can split the hundred million yuan of prize money!Toutiao collection card activity has several years, every time I have carried out the collection card, some experience learned from it, I share with everyone, I hope to help friends in need, don’t waste the opportunity, maybe you are lucky koi.Set this card activities is to make everyone happy together, so don’t too truer, affect his own mood, in a good mood, brocade carp will naturally come, collected after the first round, has entered the second round of collection of CARDS, then money is can directly extract, so at this time and extraction times on hand, although extraction is ok, then you may be able to quickly extract to good luck.