100 miles, 6.2 liters, 151 horsepower, can the Nissan Xiao Ke stop the Landa?

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100 miles, 6.2 liters, 151 horsepower, can the Nissan Xiao Ke stop the Landa?Just some time ago, Toyota front landa ushered in the listing, and Nissan Tianlai positioning, is also a compact SUV, and front landa’s official guide price is 125,8-169,800 yuan, than Nissan xiao guest pricing more sincere.On the other hand, nissan Xiaoker, after the 2022 update last year, the price range is still maintained at 1549-188,900 yuan, the pricing is still strong, the whole system standard with 2.0L engine, the maximum power is only 151 horsepower, if compared with Honda XR-V, bin Zhi, then nissan Xiaoker has certain advantages in power and space.And now, Toyota front landa with more powerful 2.0L power and longer size to attack, Nissan xiaoke product force can continue to resist?First from the nissan Xiao guest appearance design, the appearance of the new car and the old model to maintain the same shape, the front attitude is still full and mellow, full of “simple and honest” both sense of sight.The “V-Motion” chrome trim design and “V” type LED daily running light design are xiaoke’s signature design, the visual effect is still young and fashionable, in line with the aesthetic vision of the current young people.On the side of the body, the smooth line elements surround the body, and the 18-inch two-color five-plate bright rim shape presents a fashionable atmosphere.Tail part, xiao ke long and narrow LED taillight after smoked black processing increased a few minutes of movement breath, with full tail modeling set off, highlight personality and young.Compare with Toyota front landa, the modelling of nissan xiao guest is more fruity and exquisite, less a few minutes make public, accord with the aesthetic demand of majority young family user.It is interior aspect next, the interior layout that nissan xiao guest place uses still is classical symmetrical type encircling cockpit design, although also used soft leather to add sewing line processing ornament, but the design is some “old”.On the contrary, Toyota front landa, the use of the popular suspension screen design, and into the color of the interior color match, but in the material aspect, the two models are comparable, but the interior design of the front landa is more colorful.It is important to note that the new qashqai although no big changes in design, but in the aspect of function configuration has certain upgrades, entry-level models XV mentally enjoy version of new automatic headlights, intelligent key, keyless entry, one key start function, at the same time, all is the standard double automatic air conditioning, and support the voice control and remote opening/closing, more intelligent, more practical.In addition, the material of all the seats has been upgraded to be wrapped in leather, which has improved significantly from the look and feel to the texture.In terms of space, the length and width of the new Xiao Ke are: 4401/1837/1611mm, the wheelbase is 2646mm, and the length and width of the front landa are: 4485/1825/1620mm, the wheelbase is 2640mm, obviously the front landa’s body length is more dominant, but the wheelbase is slightly shorter.Only from the book parameters, the space performance of Toyota front landa and Nissan Xiao ke should be equal, can meet the user’s needs for the comfort of the rear row space, and if the loading capacity, is undoubtedly the body length of the more dominant front landa better performance.In terms of power, the new Xiake continues to carry a 2.0L powertrain, with a maximum power of 151 horsepower and a peak torque of 194 N · m. Matched with CVT transmission (analog 7 gear), the NEDC comprehensive fuel consumption is 6.2L/100km, which is a normal and moderate power performance. Its fuel economy is a highlight.It can meet the economic needs of low-cost travel for the vast majority of urban user groups.On the other hand, Fenglanda is also equipped with a 2.0L self-priming engine, with a maximum power of 171 HP and a peak torque of 205 N · m. It is also matched with a CVT transmission (simulated 10 gear) and a NEDC fuel consumption of 5.8L/100km.Through the comparison of book parameters, it is not difficult to find that the dynamic performance of Fenglanda is more abundant, and the fuel consumption is more economical.Conclusion believe to see here, there have been many people in the heart of Toyota front landa “dark feelings”.In fact, Nissan Xiaoke as a “veteran” of the compact SUV market, its reputation is popular, but in the face of the increasingly young consumer market, the most urgent thing for Nissan Xiaoke is to speed up upgrading, in order to cope with the impact of competitors’ products.In the case of the price difference is not big, Toyota front landa size advantage, interior design more colorful, more abundant safety configuration, and more power, fuel consumption more.So, I believe that many people will blindly choose Toyota front landa, looking forward to the early arrival of the next generation of Nissan xiaoke.