Why can “Xueruyi” become the “star” of the venue?

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To zhangjiakou competition area interview, a large part of the reason is to “snow wishful” to.It’s a unique stadium with a lot of high-tech ideas and facilities, and it appeals to me more than many games.On the afternoon of February 16th, during the intermission of the competition, I was also lucky enough to walk into “Xueruyi” and feel the charm of this “star venue”.”Xue Ruyi” refers to the National Ski jumping Center in Zhangjiakou.Among all the new and renovated venues in Beijing, it is the star of the show.There are many reasons for this, including the fact that it is home to the longest ski jumping course in the world;It is the first ski jumping venue in the history of the Winter Olympics to have a large cantilever structure at the top of the starting area.It is also a very high-tech venue.But none of this is the key reason why competitors, including fans around the world, are so keen on snow.The reason why it can become a venue “star”, just like performing arts stars can be outstanding, the first is good-looking!Before coming to Zhangjiakou, I saw several propaganda videos about “snow ruyi”.The venue is known as the most designed ski jump in the world. The overall shape of the venue is like a ruyi, hence the name.On the afternoon of the 16th, after the alpine skiing competition had finished, I went to the ski jumping center by bus.Even if you have seen xuesruyi on the screen before, you will still be amazed by its magnificence and beauty when you come to the venue.In the sunshine, “Snow Ruyi” repose in the mountains, classical, majestic but full of times and science and technology sense.No wonder it has become one of the most recognizable “star venues” of the Beijing Winter Olympics.In Traditional Chinese culture, “ruyi” not only brings beauty to people’s modeling, but also symbolizes the deep blessing for athletes of the Winter Olympic Games and the Winter Olympics.”Snow ruyi” is the perfect embodiment of Chinese wisdom and culture.For “good-looking” to overcome countless difficulties approaching “Snow ruyi” more can feel the charm of this venue.Because all the games of the day have ended, the reporter also found the stadium staff to do a detailed understanding of the magnificent building.It turns out that behind all these beautiful elements, there is not only the traditional expression of Chinese culture, but also the design concept of the design team that integrates technological breakthrough and aesthetic conception.The difficulties overcome are numerous.Xue Ruyi is built on a hillside, taking full advantage of the terrain. Its beauty is due to excellent natural conditions and sophisticated design and construction.In terms of structure, “Snow ruyi” consists of the summit club, the starting area, the slide area and the grandstand area. There are two tracks, standard platform and big platform.Among them, the standard platform by men’s athletes and women’s athletes to participate in the platform, only men’s platform, platform length of 110 meters, 135 meters vertical drop.The slide area of each track is divided into two parts: the slide and the landing area.According to the staff, the track design focuses on the S-shaped curve of the vertical section, and each Winter Olympics will make the corresponding track curve design according to the site selection.In the competition, athletes from the starting point, in the slide to accumulate kinetic energy, accelerate down, slide to the slide and landing area at the intersection of the jump point, jump into the air, fly.In the construction of zhangjiakou Olympic Venue group, “Xueruyi” is the competition venue with the largest amount of construction and the highest difficulty and technology.Take the construction of the Summit Club as an example, its total steel volume of 2,200 tons, but due to the narrow construction site above, all steel frames need to be assembled under the mountain first, and then transported to the mountain hoisting.It is like building blocks, each step of the order can not be wrong, if the wrong, the whole structure will be uneven, deformation will occur.In the venues of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, “Xueruyi” is hailed as one of the models of green, low-carbon and sustainable development.In the site selection, it takes full advantage of the natural terrain and features, and the valley’s drop and shape are highly suited to the competition requirements.In order to minimize the damage to the surrounding environment, the design team took a different approach and “built” the 168-meter track in the air.However, the “frame” in the valley needs a large number of overhangs and other designs, in the construction of more difficult, need to use drilled pile such a foundation structure treatment.During the construction process, Xueruyi and other infrastructure facilities in Zhangjiakou use renewable and degradable materials and renewable energy as much as possible, many of which exceed the requirements of the building itself.The design team hopes to express the Chinese people’s attitude towards nature and seek for “light touch intervention” between mountains and rivers through “Snow Ruyi”, so that the building can be integrated with the whole environment.The reporter also learned that in the early stage of construction, the Winter Olympic Organizing Committee and the construction party did a lot of research reports on sustainable development.Finally, the “Snow ruyi” construction is integrated into the green vegetation.After the excavation of the project, the earth and stones have also been stored to avoid external transportation, for recycling in the future.Thanks to the efforts of designers and project builders, Xue Ruyi has been transformed into an energy-saving and environmentally friendly competition venue.Snowmelt water and natural precipitation can be recycled and stored efficiently, which can be used as snow making water in the snow season, not only to ensure water for the Winter Olympics, but also to realize “microcirculation” of water resources in the whole region.If a competition stadium is only used for athletes, it will be difficult for it to be combined with ordinary people’s life after the competition.In order to make the competition venues and facilities serve the daily needs of ordinary people, it is necessary to give full consideration to the post-competition utilization in the design of the venues, which is a great effort of the design team of Xue Ruyi.The ancient poplar stadium complex, where Snow Ruyi is located, covers an area of 420 hectares, including the National Ski Jumping Center, the National Cross-country Skiing Center, the National Biathlon Center and other venues and facilities.Between the ancient Poplar venues, there is also a pedestrian bridge “Bing Yu Huan” for visitors and tourists to walk slowly, a total length of more than 3,200 meters, 7 meters high from the ground, convenient for visitors to and from the venues, thus forming a slow system.According to estimates, the ancient Poplar pavilion will provide about 185 minutes of stay time for spectators and tourists.A reverse slope is often made under a regular ski jumping facility to allow the athlete to slow down faster.Different from this, the “Xueruyi” platform is a flat ground under the platform, extending the distance of athletes’ buffer, taking into account the safety and post-race utilization needs.The site can be used as a football pitch, ensuring that the stadium can be used more for regular large-scale events such as football matches and concerts after the Winter Olympics, it said.This design also provides an example for the comprehensive use of single sports stadium after the game.”Xueruyi” will share Chinese people’s understanding of the relationship between human and nature, exploration of sustainable development, environmental friendliness and other concepts to the world, so that the world can appreciate the beauty of Chinese design and culture. It is worthy of being the “star of the venue”.Proofread by Sheng Yuanyuan