Shenzhen’s highest “art museum”, you can also watch the sunset and night scenery, clock 600 meters high romantic

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Do you know where the highest museum is in Shenzhen?You wouldn’t think he was on the 116th floor of the Ping An Financial Center.For the first time, I was nearly 600 meters above the ground. I could see all the buildings in Shenzhen, just like the skyscrapers in the movies, but the visibility was not very good.In fact, it was sunny that day. I wonder if it was due to the high altitude?It happens to be a special exhibition at the British Museum, and a lot of things have been shipped over for display.Although can’t go abroad, but can see such a beautiful product in Shenzhen, is also a very happy thing.Shenzhen Ping An Financial Center tower is 118 floors, FreeSky Cloud Sightseeing platform is 116 floors (541m).In addition to sightseeing, there is a shortened version of the British Museum.Birthday this day, the colleague said the birthday star is free of tickets, and fellow pedestrians only half price.The original price is 200 yuan, which is 400 yuan for two people, but now it only costs 100 yuan to overlook the whole shenzhen.So, without hesitation, I went.The best time to visit is in the evening, because you can see Shenzhen by day and by night.We went up after five o ‘clock, and it was still dark;I didn’t come down until after dark, when all the street lights and building lights were on, that is, after six o ‘clock.Climbing high and looking far always makes people feel very comfortable, and the whole mood has been broadened.Would you like to have a look at such an interesting museum?The best viewing time is at the turn of day.You can see the prosperity of the day, and you can see the sunset at dusk, and the lights of thousands of families at night.Watch as the city gradually gives way from daylight to light, and the lights turn on the spectacular and realistic clock-in mode of transportation for photographic enthusiasts: Shopping Park Subway station exit D, get out and you’re there.Tickets: 200 on site, 180 online, half price on your birthday (latest news!Address: 116th Floor, Ping an Financial Center, No. 5033, Yitian Road, Futian District, Shenzhen