After the Spring Festival, 6 new dramas are coming, what have you been looking forward to!

2022-04-26 0 By

Every year there are a lot of TV dramas and movies, and this year there are a lot of TV dramas.CCTV Spring Festival “The World” is a period drama, in addition to the leading lei Jiayin, Xin Baiqing, Song Jia, Yin Tao and so on, there are many old actors.”The World” can’t go wrong.For veteran actress Lei Jiayin and costume diva Yin Tao, these four roles are worth looking forward to.The TV series “The World” will be broadcast on CCTV during the Spring Festival.The play is adapted from the novel of the same name.There are a large number of actors join in, quality should be reliable.Don’t miss this epic drama.”Thank you Doctor” starring Yang Mi, Bai Yu, Xi Meijuan, Zhang Zhijian, Qiao Zhenyu, etc.It tells the story of returned doctor Xiao Yan came to the emergency department of Tongshan Hospital, White Zhu doctor in the newly established emergency intensive care unit to save one and another patient.In the meantime, the two break up and become the most important person to each other.At the same time, through the stories of doctors and patients in the intensive care unit, the scene shows the sense of responsibility and faith of medical staff who overcome all difficulties and put the lives of patients as the first priority, and are moved by the warmth.The TV series Is a remake of Qiu Ju Lawsuit, directed by Zhang Yimou and starring Gong Li, which has won numerous international awards.Zhao liying is confident that she can get such a remake.In addition, the TV series will be adapted based on current events to be more authentic and resonate with audiences.This is the second collaboration between Wu Jinyan and Xu Kai after The Story of Yanxi Palace.It is said that vanity road is also very good.The play tells the story of Yao Zijin, a young girl who was chosen to serve as a staff sergeant during the Yongle years of the Ming Dynasty.She and her partners continue to pursue Chinese cooking skills, restoring many lost recipes from past dynasties.All the way up, all the way up.”Yunxiang Biography” Chen Xiaohe, MAO Xiaotong starring, two people together.There’s another special character in the old show.Dilieba and Ren Jialun, their two partners, are sure to feast the eyes.Still looking forward to this play, read its novel, too abuse!Ji Yunhe, long meaning, beautiful love story, good ending.Ji Yunhe, the strongest spirit teacher in the valley of flowers, looks bold and unrestrained, but is actually affectionate.Beautiful and simple mermaid boy Chang Yi, simple character, but in the face of difficulties, strong and brave, wholehearted trust others, protect his lover.