145 square meters modern and simple, three old decrepit house transformed into sexy marriage house

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The house is the symbol of home.After looking at the blank through decoration, or the old house through renovation and seal, bit by bit, there is a favorite appearance, the mood also becomes happy, about the future life planning, longing floating in my mind, the house from this time, has become a real home full of love and warmth.Unlocked door model the renovation project introduction area | Square Meters, 145 ㎡ family | Apartment: | 3 rooms two hall Style Style, contemporary and contracted product | Presents: east yi risheng renovation this case for junior ranks, crystal clear is that they are in the definition of home.Designers and owners of communication, to understand the girl’s life is very delicate, usually also more like shopping, so deliberately created a cloakroom and study both multi-functional room, to meet the couple’s daily goods storage at the same time, but also to open up a corner quiet alone space.Living room before the transformation of VS transformation after life needs delicate burden reduction, space is also so, streamlined, blank, and not to abandon, but for the pursuit of the ultimate.Large French Windows, leading into the scene, through the light screen, mottled years;Open overall design, for life to vacate more activity space.The main color is white, inclusive, decorated with wood color, fresh and natural, the choice of furniture is also light volume, slender legs, the overall atmosphere of the space is simple and bright.
The TV background wall has been embedded, one is to increase the storage design of the living room, at the same time because girls like to assemble their own Lego, clean and tidy, while increasing the storage space for girls to reserve more storage and display space.Small objects in life are treasures of interest. When girls talk about their masterpieces, they always smile. For Lego, they are always so happy.Before the renovation of the restaurant VS after the renovation of the kitchen area is still open layout, both Chinese and Western can be satisfied, it can be described as beautiful and practical.The designer makes clever use of the feature of custom cabinet on the wall to fuse kitchen and home appliances with reception, satisfying reception while giving this space more possibilities.Plus a plant green, a little lamplight, enough to have dinner atmosphere to bring a little different mood.Before the bedroom renovation VS after the renovation, the master bedroom is mainly in light color with gray pink bedding. The overall simple space is set off by wood color and warm color, revealing a warm atmosphere.Early in the morning, the moment I open my eyes, the sun shines through the gauze on the bed, a beautiful and dynamic day.After the transformation of multi-function room, the real shooting space is unchanged, but the function can be greatly unnecessary.The design should meet the actual demand, because parents in the same community, have a guest room, but lack of individual independent space, so the designer will be a second bedroom into multi-functional room.The clothings of whole cabinet enough to satisfy the whole family is received, the other side made super long work station, the half makes up the area of goodwife, the other half makes simple study.Before the renovation of the bathroom VS after the renovation of the wash basin to create empty, convenient cleaning below sanitation, washing above, below storage;Because the toilet space is not very big, so the wall space is also used;Wall-mounted toilets save space and reduce sanitary dead ends.Decorate # #