Yuzuru Hanyu appears with his head

2022-04-25 0 By

At 2:02 PM on February 7, Yuzuru Hanyu finally showed up at the figure skating training hall at the Capital Stadium.For a moment, the sound of cameras blaring.Since the opening of the shouti Skating hall for public training, “looking for Hanyu” has been a daily routine for reporters.But hanyu didn’t show up until the team competition began.Finally, with only a day to go before the men’s singles competition, Hanyu was on the ice at the head of the competition.Instead of practicing his jumps as soon as the other athletes in his group took the stage, Hanyu warmed up by gliding slowly around the court. Five minutes later, hanyu took off his tracksuit jacket and began training in a black bodysuit.Hanyu spent most of the first 10 minutes warming up.Then he started to do some tandem exercises.When he stopped to take a short break, there was applause from the courtside.source Beijing daily client | journalists Li li LiuShuang Liu ping