Xiao Zhan multi-platform to share the New Year’s Eve dinner, simple and pure happiness, really beautiful!

2022-04-25 0 By

The New Year has arrived, fans in addition to busy their own three dimensional things, for Xiao Zhan’s dynamic is also particularly concerned about, this, xu is to know the fans of his thoughts, Xiao Zhan is also released his New Year’s eve dinner!First in the “oasis” released their own prepared ingredients, balsam pear, squid, steamed pork……The bright colors also make fans look forward to Xiao zhan’s New Year’s Eve dinner!So, around 8:00 PM, Xiao zhan directly posted a picture of his dinner at his own table, along with a New Year’s selfie. When his fans saw these pictures, they directly left a message in the comment section: “Can I go to your table to show off?”Dazzle” means to eat hard, after all, no matter how ordinary the food is photographed by Xiao Zhan’s camera, it always looks so different!See during the Chinese New Year this year so interested in cooking, shaw is not easy, after all, since shaw war burst fire, was never at home New Year’s day, every time is to attend the activities, accompany you New Year’s day, bring you a wonderful program, or is the CCTV Spring Festival gala, either catch notice, in short, you can’t have a good time with parents!But this year is different. Xiao Zhan not only prepares the food himself, but also accompanies his family. Although he can’t be seen on the screen, we know that He accompanies his parents during the Spring Festival!Once, for Xiao Zhan does not attend any party things, many fans did not say anything, but the black powder began to jump, said that Xiao Zhan was abandoned by the mainstream circle, although know this is sour chicken jump, but always some fans listen to the heart, will also doubt why Xiao Zhan did not attend any party!In order to be able to adjust themselves well, Xiao Zhan does not want to participate in the party in a bad state and bring the audience an imperfect stage. Although the netizens have a little regret, but to see Xiao Zhan return to the happiness of ordinary life, anyone will feel: fortunately, he did not have a stage this year, otherwise, where did he come from?Most of the time, fans’ feelings for Xiao Zhan do not mean that they have to meet him, but silently protect him and know that he is happy and happy!This group of people can be called xiao Zhan’s “life fans”, as long as Xiao Zhan is good, especially after the storm in 2020, the heart of pain, so many fans have not expected how brilliant Xiao Zhan can be, but hope that he can be free and happy life!Freedom, for artists, is extremely difficult, and this year’s Xiao Zhan has this freedom, he is popular, but did not participate in any party, but exposed his masterpiece on social platforms, this is a simple happiness ah!For xiao Zhan readily bask in the happiness, the fans are also to give a full response, this is a kind of idol and fans insidious tacit understanding between it!Wish in the New Year, Xiao Zhan can ride the wind and waves, brave forward, have simple but pure happiness!