Two-faced Li Lijuan: The “loving mother” who adopted 118 abandoned children has a devil’s heart behind her

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Empress Wu Zetian left a tablet without words after her death.From the perspective of history, it has made indelible contributions to promoting social development, strengthening the national strength of Tang Dynasty and improving the status of women.With her wisdom, she continued the reign of Emperor Taizong of the Tang Dynasty, and realized the prosperity of zhenguan style during her reign.But after sitting on the throne, ambition and power also nibbled her reason, she began to become suspicious, using cruel officials to murder loyal ministers, but also captive male pets, absurd court, finally led to the people suffering unbearably.Later people’s comments on her merits and faults are also quite contradictory, and in modern times, like her double-sided nature, there is “loving mother” Li Lijuan.Li Lijuan is a native of Hebei Province, born in an ordinary family, she is the fourth child in the family.In the early days of China’s reform and opening up, she and her husband seized the opportunity and went into the clothing business together. After several years of struggle, they made a handsome family business and worth millions.In those days, millionaires were rare in small towns, so the villagers envied them both.Just should that sentence men rich easy to go bad, Li Lijuan’s husband is no exception.But his deterioration is not in the outside looking for a mistress, but more terrible drugs.Pornography, gambling and drugs are known as the three evils in the world. Once you touch them, you will never recover.Li Lijuan’s husband is addicted to drugs, the family property is ruined, still owe a lot of foreign debt.Booth on such a man, early divorce, timely stop loss is king.But Li Lijuan is a good face, say ugly point is to be used to praise, bear everyone’s “sympathy” hard, so even if have nothing, also dragging did not divorce, maintain the surface “years static good”, actually everyone knows it.Really let her decide to make a clean break with her husband is her husband no human behavior, he in order to take drugs, should take his son to sell money, fortunately Li Lijuan found in time, at that time her husband sold his son for 7000 yuan, she caught up with traffickers and spent more than 1000 yuan to redeem his son.If she had not found out in time, her son would have become a profit-making tool of human traffickers. She would have lost her biological parents and been displaced from place to place. At the thought of those pitiful circumstances, she could not help breaking down and divorced her husband firmly, vowing to be the mother of all the homeless children in the world.Then she started her own adoption project with the best of intentions, but she really wanted to help those poor children. Among the children she adopted, some were sick and some were abandoned by their parents because of disabilities. She considered them as her own children, and these children affectionately called her “Mom”.According to the statistics by her adopted child as much as 118, so a large group of people to eat and drink pull scatter, economic cost is enormous, in order to maintain the life of children, her home only villas are sold, and these actions also moved many people, under the mouth of the villagers, the local government also heard her story, will she figures as love publicity,She was interviewed specifically by reporters.All walks of life donated money and materials to support her adoption. Many welfare homes also expressed their willingness to accept her child to relieve her burden.Afraid of her worry about a child’s growth, some local orphanage also invited her to go to when dean, better supervision, and to take care of the children, but she push away the, this is not her how selfless and noble, she itself is a businessman, after gain fame and fortune, she ambition also began to expand, to see the benefits of the child to her, how willing to just give up.Moreover, she was a very good-natured person, who cared most for the evaluation of society, and whose vanity depended on her children.Her affection for the child was sincere at first, but in the face of great interests, the balance of good and evil in her heart began to tilt.In addition to receiving donations from various sectors of society, she also carried out moral kidnappings of local businesses and villagers to achieve her extortion goals.In fact, the local government advised her to send her children to a welfare home that she was willing to accept and contacted her, but she refused. She also took the children to cry and hang themselves, forcing the government to set aside 50 mu of land for her to build a village of love.In addition to the land planned for her, she also usurped the land of the people nearby.No one in the village has any objection to doing good deeds, but you are too greedy to let others live a bad life.Villagers complain, but helpless, because Li Lijuan’s underground lover is a bully, in the local mischief for many years, the villagers of resistance, have been bullied by him.In 2014, when there was a construction site near “Love Village”, she sent her children to make trouble on the site. The developers and workers looked like children, but they did not dare to forcibly evict them. They negotiated with her many times, and finally she was blackmailed 700,000 yuan before she gave up.Later this kind of event is more and more, fell to the hospital wrong hospital 170,000, drug allergy wrong pharmacy 120,000, and the children have become her tool.If it is good for the children, she should not give the young children to set up such deformed values, in many dissuaded, she still did not stop collecting money, but also occupied the coal mine near the village, and underground lover set up the so-called coal company to collect money.Four years ago, the public security bureau found that Li Lijuan had 45 accounts under her name, with 20, 25,9846.75 yuan, 25,500 U.S. dollars.In addition, 11,130,000 yuan in cash, 34,000 U.S. dollars in cash and some forged official seals were seized from Li’s home.She and the interest groups behind her were uprooted and arrested on suspicion of extortion and embezzlement.Article 274 of the Criminal Law stipulates: Whoever extorts public or private property, if the amount is relatively large, shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than three years, criminal detention or public surveillance;If the amount involved is huge, or if there are other serious circumstances, he shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than three years but not more than 10 years.If the amount involved is huge, or if there are other serious circumstances, he shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than three years but not more than 10 years and shall also be fined;If the amount involved is especially huge, or if there are other especially serious circumstances, he shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than 10 years and shall also be fined.Li Lijuan and others repeatedly extortion, aggravating circumstances, the crime is bad, coupled with the amount is particularly huge, finally Li Juan sentenced to 20 years in prison, and her ill-gotten gains will also be confiscated.We cannot deny that she had been good, but her evil was more piercing.The children she cajoled or forced to make trouble and deceive began to have a wrong sense of what was right and wrong, and I don’t know how long it would take to correct.Fortunately, the wicked have been severely punished by the law, and these children also went to normal welfare homes, to receive positive energy ideological education.(Privacy concerns, the names of the people in this case are all pseudonyms, some pictures are from the Internet, only to match the narrative.Warm reminder: respect the original, please do not copy handling and reprint oh.