The heart!Gu Ailing and Zhang Yixing are on the line, mocked by the group as “General letter man” due to “Bing Dwen Dwen” and other problems

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All eyes are on the Beijing Winter Olympics these days, where China has won nine gold MEDALS so far and finished third in the overall medal tally.The Winter Olympic Games not only have Wu Dajing and other people harvest many fans, and Gu Ailing became a red top flow star.Many netizens have become fans of Her for her lively and cheerful personality, high emotional intelligence and cool competition moves.This Winter Olympics heat is very high, once stole the limelight of many entertainment stars, but entertainment stars are inadvertently associated with sports events, will be a lot of people ridicule.Zhang yixing has joined the ranks of derided celebrities like Bai Jingting, Xiao Zhan and Deng Chao.According to the latest news, Gu was on a live stream when zhang yixing was officially invited to talk to her.Although the two can be said not familiar, but in the host after the field, the whole process of the line is still relatively friendly.However, the fact that zhang Yixing said a few words in the conversation has caused a backlash among netizens is too poignant.During the conversation, when Gu said she liked to listen to Lady Gaga’s songs, Zhang yixing recommended one of his most famous songs, honey, to Get Gu to listen to it, but he didn’t say it was his own.When the host asked Zhang Yixing to recommend the elements of Gu’s next costume, he asked Her to watch his music video “Lotus” because it also has elements of a dragon.In the most embarrassing moment, Zhang eventually asked Gu if she had Bing Dwen Dwen.As we all know, Bing Dwen Dwen is very popular now. After Gu Ailing gets the gold medal, the official award will be sent to Bing Dwen dwen. Her can be said to be “Jin Dwen Dwen”.After the footage was broadcast, many netizens mocked Zhang Yixing as a “general letter man” and said he was ignorant for not doing his homework.As they say, entertainment stars should not be tied to sports stars and sports events, otherwise they will be ridiculed anyway.Readers, what do you think is wrong with some of the questions Zhang Yixing raised this time?Do you have a problem with entertainers being associated with sports events?The heart!Gu Ailing is connected to Zhang Yixing, who has been ridiculed as a “general letter man” for his “Bing Dwen Dwen” and other problems.This article is accompanied by entertainment you always original, welcome to pay attention to, take you with long knowledge!