Sun Haiyang responded to netizens who questioned whether he had to go home in such a high profile

2022-04-25 0 By

Netizens questioned sun Haiyang back home have to be so high-profile, attracted the villagers have come to visit, there are many media to interview broadcast, now is really a non-stop speculation with children.Sun Haiyang responded to the doubts of the majority of netizens, this is not to take the children in speculation, this is in feedback to the media, feedback to society.Because the child sun Zhuo now has traffic, seize the traffic so that more abducted children find their way home.He was able to find his son in a high-profile way, which was supported by the media in his hometown.Now that the children have been found, shouldn’t something be done for them?The media also need heat, need traffic, it is their support to find the power of the child.Now is the time to give thanks.Sun Haiyang drove the car of more than 10 hours, already very tired very sleepy, but still accepted media interview happily, is this why?This is in Thanksgiving, Sun Haiyang Thanksgiving media to support, Thanksgiving home to support, Thanksgiving to the blessing of the netizens, dripping of grace, Yongquan reported, this is Sun Haiyang to Thanksgiving everyone did, do not know others suffering, do not advise others good.What Sun Haiyang has experienced is not something everyone can hold on to. We must treat it with positive energy. Do you think so?Welcome to discuss in the comments section!