Hanzhong People’s Hospital: run out of nucleic acid detection “plus” speed

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Since March 5, there have been confirmed cases in many places in Our province.Outbreak is the command, control and prevention is responsibility, party members and cadres, analyzes people’s hospital, medical backbone blew “assembly” in the first time, to the best of sharp attack, continuous operations, 24 hours a day to work, with practical action to shoulder responsibility to bear mission reveal beginner’s mind, let the flag for the first time in disease resistance line, ensure the hanzhong city DNA screening work orderly.In recent days, Hanzhong People’s Hospital has sent a total of 988 Party members and medical staff to hantai District, dongguan streets, Puzhen, Qili streets, highway intersections, isolation hotels and other more than 100 points to carry out nucleic acid sampling work.Among them were not only the party members who led the charge, but also experienced “old fighters”, new recruits who had been trained for many times to join the battle, as well as our doctors and head nurses.In han feng zhang jiing community nucleic acid sample point 1 is a participated in the “battle” xian outbreak this year to join the party activists, “look at our hospital party members predecessors before the outbreak of the charge in the former, as an activist to join the party, I am very touched, I want to by their example, a heart’s desire, is seen flag in front of the outbreak, we should stand up.”Zhang Jing said.As a veteran fighter with rich experience, Liu Tao also participated in the epidemic prevention and control work in Xi ‘an, and gained valuable experience in nucleic acid sampling. “TODAY, I have done about 400 visits. I am confident that Hanzhong will win the battle against the epidemic.”In the face of the severe and complex epidemic prevention and control situation, Liu Tao is very determined.Chang Xiaomei is a party member in the puzhen sampling site, and she also actively signed up for this epidemic sampling.”We collected more than 30,000 people the day before yesterday, starting at 9 a.m. and ending at 12 p.m.As a party member, I want to rush out at the critical moment, stand up, abide by the original intention of joining the Party and medical oath, and play a good vanguard role of party members.””We have collected more than 420,000 nucleic acid samples these days. Our sampling team is full of morale and still has a high fighting will. We are confident that we can win the battle against the epidemic.”Director of the nursing department Song Yuanyuan said.At each nucleic acid sampling site, citizens wore masks and presented shaanxi health codes, spaced one meter apart, while medical workers from Hanzhong People’s Hospital wore protective suits, scanned codes for registration, took oral and pharyngeal swabs, and wiped hands. The collection site was orderly.Whole crowd nucleic acid detection time tight task, since the March 8 in han area rapid advance of the whole crowd nucleic acid monitoring at the same time, the detection of nucleic acids, analyzes people’s hospital clinical laboratory accurate medical laboratory staff and equipment are also, 24-hour uninterrupted nucleic acid detection work, check every day in 110000 to more than 130000 people.Feng Li, director of the clinical laboratory of Hanzhong People’s Hospital, introduced that nucleic acid test samples in the laboratory must go through specimen collection, information entry, reagent preparation, specimen addition, nucleic acid extraction, sample sampling, computer testing, results analysis, report review and other links.We strictly control the quality of links to ensure the quality and time limit of testing, and it takes 4 to 6 hours to complete a report.”Since the beginning of full-staff nucleic acid testing in Han-Tai District, the department has formed a nucleic acid testing team led by the department director, spearheaded by party members, with the group leader as the backbone and all staff participating.The department should not only complete the daily inspection work of our hospital, but also efficiently complete the nucleic acid testing task of all staff in the district.In the past few days, 22 inspectors in our laboratory have been working around the clock in three groups, and the testing equipment has been running around the clock to ensure the smooth progress of nucleic acid testing.”Feng Li, director of the laboratory, said.In order to provide the most accurate inspection reports for epidemic prevention and control work, and build an indestructible “firewall” for people’s health.In the face of the difficulties of nucleic acid testing such as tight time, heavy task and small staff, the whole department made concerted efforts and worked actively. After each shift, we would carry out discussions to find the defects and solutions in the work, constantly optimize the process and improve the detection efficiency.”Our clinical laboratory in accordance with the total nucleic acid testing plan, formulated by everyone in the process of testing being creative, innovative work ideas, refine the personnel job functions, mining potential employees, according to each person’s ability to put him in the most appropriate post, let men and everything, make our performance every day to improve.”As they say, the devil is in the details.Department staff pay attention to details and innovate many working methods, so that the detection work becomes more efficient.”For example, Deputy Director Guan Rui and group leader Yang Jiangong improved the method of sample numbering and information entry many times, which made it convenient to find the desired information and data quickly on the nucleic acid testing network for all staff.He Ning designed and made a bracket in the sample adding link, so that the situation of the sample adding hole can be seen, so that the staff has a more comfortable position of the sample.In this full-staff nucleic acid test, not only did every examiner in the laboratory strive for innovation in details, but also the peripheral staff, such as nurses, new college students and cleaning staff, cooperated with each other and gave full play to their work.Before entering the laboratory, inspectors must wear protective articles and often dare not drink or eat, so that they can work longer in the laboratory.After entering the laboratory, not only the task is heavy, the breathing difficulties caused by masks, the noise and heat dissipation caused by the operation of the equipment, but also make the experimenters sweat.After leaving the lab and taking off the protective equipment, everyone had deep marks and fine red rashes on their foreheads and cheeks, and a pair of hands were stained with blood blisters.Many of the medical staff can only rest in their chairs for a short time before throwing themselves back into a new round of work.The clinical laboratory of Hanzhong People’s Hospital is able to complete the nucleic acid detection task excellently every time, not only because of the joint efforts of the whole department staff, but also thanks to the strong support of the hospital leaders and relevant departments.”When I reported to Yang Xu, the vice president in charge, the need for additional equipment, a resting place near the lab and drinks to balance electrolytes, all problems were solved that afternoon.Later, I learned that Vice President Yang Xu reported our case to Secretary Tang Wenping and President Yang Ruihai. They immediately called relevant departments to work on site and mobilized the whole hospital to support our nucleic acid detection work.Tan Dongxin, the union’s president, vacated his office as a lounge for nucleic acid testers.Our difficulties were quickly resolved, which moved and encouraged the department.In the epidemic prevention and control work, Hanzhong People’s Hospital is striving to increase the speed of nucleic acid testing. Behind groups of exciting data are the dedication of ordinary heroes, heart-warming stories and strong forces of uniting as one to fight the epidemic.Xi ‘an Press all media correspondent Yang Wei reporter Hu Yi # Hanzhong headlines ## Joint prevention and control for the peace of the Land of the Three Qin Dynasties #