China-russia joint Statement released!Less than 24 hours later, Blinken announced that he was leaving for the Asia Pacific

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The United States keeps changing its approach to countries like China and Russia.China and Russia, on the other hand, are moving closer and closer, which the United States certainly does not want to see, but it is also powerless to stop.Recently, leaders of China and Russia met again and issued a weighty joint statement.The United States would not sit still again, blinken hurriedly made plans to visit the Asia-Pacific.However, no matter how diligent American officials are, it does not make much difference. The United States has no way to deal with the joint efforts of China and Russia.It is high time for the US to recognize the reality, stop hegemonic bullying, learn multilateral cooperation and get along well with other powers.The china-Russia cooperation comes at a time when the Beijing Winter Olympics are being held. Although the United States keeps hyping up related topics of the Olympics and trying to tarnish China’s image, most countries support China and the Beijing Winter Olympics.Russian President Vladimir Putin came to China to attend the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics and bring new cooperation plans.The cooperation between China and Russia has reached a new height. For example, in the field of energy, Russia will provide China with 100 million tons of oil and more natural gas.Moreover, China and Russia also issued a joint statement, advocating respect for democracy, safeguarding the coordinating role of the United Nations and opposing the eastward expansion of NATO.A trip to the Asia-Pacific region shows that China and Russia have a growing level of mutual trust, and our cooperation will continue to deepen, bringing many benefits to both countries and the world at large.This is quite different from the US sanctions stick, coercion and inducement.There is no need for great powers to constantly fight each other. Competition does exist, it is undeniable, but cooperation is the trend and the mainstream.However, the United States is still not waking up, and Secretary blinken has another trip planned, this time to the Asia-Pacific region, will meet with many countries.Needless to say, the United States is going round and round trying to get more countries to join its chariot.In the past, the United States has established the G-4 alliance, AUKUS and other groups in the Asia-Pacific region, and there will be more moves in the future.But at the end of the day, these are futile efforts. Most countries, even if they do follow the United States, only pay lip service. Only a few countries are really willing to dance with the United States.On the other hand, China-Russia cooperation has stood the test of time. Instead of declining, it is developing steadily.As it turns out, great power cooperation is far better than great power confrontation. Only the United States remains intransigent, and it will eventually pay the price.The United States must realize that it is not up to the United States to dictate the world. Building a community with a shared future for mankind is the responsibility of a major country.Disclaimer: original content, picture material from the network, such as infringement, please contact to delete.If you want to see more of this, check out the City of the Atom