Changsha 2022: Standardize the development of private education

2022-04-25 0 By

Hunan Education News Network (Reporter Wang Shilei yu Xing correspondent Huang Junshan) On February 11th, the 2022 Changsha Education Work Conference was held.The development of private education should be standardized, the meeting said.In 2022, we will introduce a work plan to standardize the development of private compulsory education, by stopping the approval of new schools, transferring them to public schools, purchasing degrees, reducing plans, and terminating schools.Guide the orderly withdrawal of public resources from “public participation and civilian” schools.The meeting pointed out that classified registration of all private schools will be completed, and detailed rules for the implementation of classified management will be developed to explore the development path of private education with Changsha characteristics.We will improve and make good use of the supervision and management platform for private education, strengthen supervision over large fund flows, and urge private schools to run schools in good faith in accordance with the law.We will strengthen risk prediction and control of private education, and ensure that the reform to regulate the size of private compulsory education schools and the classified registration of private schools is smooth and orderly.