Who is the most powerful, Xu Da or Duoergun?

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Not the same time and space, the environment is not the same, only horizontal comparison.In the late Yuan Dynasty, Xu Da was the best commander under Zhu Yuanzhang, but he was not invincible and irreplaceable. All the commanders and fighters at that time were excellent.The loss of Xu Da could not have prevented the defeat of the Yuan Dynasty.And the Qing dynasty with a small boda, if there is no Duoergun decisive, timely mobilization of full force into the pass, such as Li Zicheng in Beijing a firm foothold, it is difficult to say after the deer.In addition, on the status of the two of them, Duoergun is greater than Xu Da.One was his father’s regent before his death, and the other was King Zhongshan after his death.