When it was snowing again,

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The current weather in the north is major Cold, the coldest day of the year.We’ve got snow and cold.In my impression, there are two things that I remember deeply in the days when snow was falling and water was turning into ice, which are both memory fragments carved in my mind.(1) It must have been in 1999 that my grandfather passed away.My grandfather is kind to people all his life, kind heart, industrious and frugal, every chance to do good.When he was young, to the north Korean, though not epic hero, but also take the food to the staff at the front in the bullets unsung hero, is a dedicated to all the people, to the country is also contributes to the country’s military, he with a low power, to feed the mother’s uncle several aunts, a total of five children, in the years but the clothes wear less,Feeding five children is hard work.In my impression, grandpa did not have free time, he was free to do chores, or to work in the field, it was in his old age, he planted hundreds of tung trees in the field, after his death, my uncle sold the trees for tens of thousands of yuan, this money is like a tiger to add wings to my uncle’s business.This is grandpa’s life: diligent and kind, life only do good things, not return.He died when the funeral, the sky dancing with snow, really is the mountains and rivers dai Filial piety, all things sad Yin, a vast expanse of whiteness in the field, we sent grandpa to the cemetery in the snow, in the snow flying, grandpa and we bid farewell, is really dust to dust to earth.That day, the snow is very heavy, the snow on the road is very thick, said grandpa good life, practice is very good, walk when the snow fluttering, just like grandpa’s life, honest, hard-working simple unworldly pure life.(2) When I was in college in Zhengzhou, there was a heavy snow, which soon covered the campus with flowers and plants.We were young, carefree, youthful.That one night and a female student in the class, we a few people to play through the snow in the campus, in the snow of feifei satisfied, female classmate in the snow with feet on the ground to make a love by an arrow, she cried to let me see, and say: “I dreamed about you last night.” “when I was young and ignorant, smiled answered her:” but I did not meet you,In the dream “looking at the love on the ground I am also a face meng force, female students suddenly ran up, I was behind, she laughed: I experience the taste of being chased.I said, “I know what it’s like to chase someone.”I was young and didn’t know what it was like.It took me many years to understand my classmate’s obscure expression of love, but we were already far apart and married. Just like a song says, “At first you don’t know what you like, but then you are already a man in the song.”Life may be in miss in the growing and tossing bar.Today’s snow is very big this year, my mother in the hospital suffering, my mood is also good and bad, in the face of the Snow White world, I hope my mother better as soon as possible, this may be the snow fluttering in my only wish.Again to the snow fluttering, is life really have much feeling and understanding, really is a different year, different snow, different feelings, different memory, it is the best in life the most beautiful feeling, just this special period, and have different feelings: hope mother to recover as soon as possible, let’s siblings in consanguinity unite to the difficulties.This year’s heavy snow days, deep memory, special moment, with my ordinary brush to record this period of time, let it become life bright pearl, shining in the long river years.