There is a baby in the family

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Wen & amp;Small for pictures &The youngest son of the Internet is 12 years old this year, and he always feels that he is too slow to grow up, not enough to understand, but also like a baby.Recently, I noticed a new change in him.Discuss some problems with me, have their own point of view and view, and can explain one or two.A few days ago I was not well, he felt my forehead for a while, to see if he had a fever, and then brought cold medicine for me to eat, I also burned a bowl of brown sugar water, warm heart, I took care of the little boy learned to take care of me.He and his two Cousins were very close. When they stuck together, they could not be separated. They never quarreled or fought.He went to his cousin’s house a few days ago to play for a few days, during which he worried about me all the time, and also called to check on me from time to time.Once, he and his little cousin on the stairs to play cards, a neighbor’s children also take cards to play, little cousin saw the neighbor’s child card good, put forward to exchange, the other party is not from, his little cousin legs a bend, kneeling on the ground, out of a: “Look, I have to kneel for you, you don’t give me change?”When my son heard this, he was so angry that he took his cousin away and lectured him: “Men have gold in their knees, you know?Kneel only to their elders, no one else!Be a man must have dignity “, really did not expect the youngest son can say this sonorous and powerful words.In fact, after careful consideration, the growth of children, just like the growth of trees, you can not see, but also never stop.Children, grow up slowly, happy growth, eventually will be luxuriant, if parents can set their mind to enjoy the cool and shelter from the cold, how happy it is…One is small