Sun, who lived in Laiyang, turned over the mountains and crossed the sea to dig ginseng, the origin of “old head” legend

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In the past, in the northeast, according to folk custom, the old head was worshipped whenever he went into the remote mountains and forests to dig for gold, collect ginseng or even cut wood.Every day, 15 these two days to the old head incense kowtow, meet March 16, more to offer sacrifices, to celebrate the old head festival.So, the question comes, who is the old head, why do people go into the mountains to salute him kowtow, worship for his grandfather?Among the people, there is such a bizarre saying.In other words, a long time ago, there were more than 10 People from Shandong forced to make a living and came to the northeast.Hearing that there are treasures everywhere in the old woods, we decided to take some dry food and head into the old Linzifang Mountain to collect climate ginseng, out of taboo, also called digging sticks.It is not a bad thing to want to be rich, but it is not only courage, but also a bit of luck.There are treasures everywhere in the old woods, but also all over the crisis, a little not careful will be lost in the vast dense forest, become the tiger beast in the stomach meal.In order to dig the baby as soon as possible, we separate actions during the day to find sticks, night back to the shed to live.But nine days in the mountains, and nothing.Just when everyone was down in the dumps, another accident happened.That night, everyone returned to the temporary straw hut, but a young man named Sun Liang was still missing.So we had to temporarily put treasure digging aside, together to go out to find the whereabouts of Sun Liang.It turned out that Sun Liang was so intent on digging that he delayed his return journey. He got lost in the old woods and went farther and farther in the opposite direction, deep into the primeal forest.In the middle of nowhere, Sun Liang walked along the river for three days and nights. Tired and hungry, he carved a few words on a tree: “My surname is Sun, who lives in Laiyang.Eat a lamb cricket for three days, you say sad not sad?If anyone comes looking for me, follow the white River.”Time flies, more than ten days have passed, we finally found this last poem, and according to the instructions along the river to look for, finally in a few days later, On March 16, sun Liang, but sun Liang had already died, only a pile of bones and remains.Fellow encounters bad luck, everybody is inconsolable, found a piece of red cloth to wrap up the bones of Sun Liang and bury them in the ground.After this matter, everyone agreed that, later can not work alone, must form a help together to dig ginseng, elect a call “head” of the person leadership everyone.In this way, people worship “Sun Liang” for the old head, in his grave carved his last poem, and in the back of a sentence.”If anyone goes astray into the mountains, I will be his guide.”The 16th was the day when Sun Liang was buried, and also the day when the gang was set to choose the head. Therefore, the participants who dug the sticks set the rules that they should worship on the first and fifteenth day of each month, and commemorate the old head on the 16th day of March every year.If you decide to set the mountain (dig ginseng), you should first come to the grave of Sun Liang, kowtow to the old head to pray, express respect, ask him to bless the mountain “fast”, dig large goods (ginseng).At the beginning, this rule is just spread between the shandong ginseng, with the migration of time, this rule slowly spread to the gold rush field, in order to protect peace, also worship “old head”, but also set a more perfect worship rules.Whenever gold is panned out in the deep mountains and ditches of the old woods and found in the dog’s head, the first thing to do is to offer the old man a gift and hang a red coat on his head.The top spot for hanging the red is to choose a tree and cut out a flat surface as the memorial tablet for the old head.The first day of every month, 15, gold rush guests prepared brown sugar, package “knot in one’s heart” dumplings (take the meaning of gold knot in one’s heart), and then do a few “hard dishes”, first in the tree red cloth, and then to the old head knock head, in front of the tree pouring some wine.Then, the “knot” dumplings on the tree, and then the dumpling soup around the tree sprinkles.The miners sat around the tree and chanted aloud, “Make a fortune, make a fortune!”While chanting, we eat dumplings with our hands.There is a rule here, can not use chopsticks, can only use hands, this is called picking up a pimple.Now times have changed, no gold miners, no visitors.But the custom of worshiping old head Sun Liang has not changed.Every year on the 16th day of the 3rd lunar month, people living in the old woods in northeast China would hold a grand celebration, offering offerings, burning paper and incense, kowtow and pray to express their reverence for the “old head”.