Steamed crab with egg hibiscus, roasted Yam in rock sugar sauce

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Ingredients & Ingredients: cuttlefish baby, green onion leaf, salt, flavor powder, chicken juice, white sugar, black vinegar, AGAR powder, olive oil, sugar powder How to do: Clean cuttlefish baby and change the knife, after boiling water, add spring onion and ginger cooking wine and modified cuttlefish baby to boil for about 1 minute to roll, remove into ice water and chill for later use.Chop the shallots and fry them in hot oil.Add agar-agar powder to powdered sugar and mix well. Refrigerate the olive oil. Heat the vinegar and add the agar-agar mixture to the burner.Take the reserved cuttlefish roll, drain the water, add salt, sugar, flavor powder, chicken juice, chopped green onion leaves and oil, mix well and serve, garnish with black vinegar fish roe.Steamed Crab with lotus egg Ingredients & Ingredients: King crab, egg, spring onion, soy sauce, spring onion oil, yellow wine, salt, chicken powder, shrimp soup How to do it: Take the legs of the king crab and split them with scissors, keep the whole crab meat, put it into a tray, pour in the yellow wine, ginger slices and spring onion slices, steam for 20 minutes.Put the egg into the bowl, add the shrimp soup, salt, chicken powder and beat thoroughly, remove the floating foam, pour into the plate and steam for 8 minutes.Put the crab meat on the lotus egg, put it on the plate according to the king crab prototype, heat it in the steam box for 10 minutes and take it out. Pour the steamed fish soy sauce over the lotus egg, heat the green onion oil and pour the green onion into the oil.Ingredients & Ingredients: Yam, Hollandaise bean, pressure pot sauce, rock sugar dark soy sauce, sugar, chicken powder, stock, sesame oil, salt Practice: wash and remove hair of yam with skin, fry it in 70% hot oil for 40 seconds.Add oil to sauce yam and stock, chicken powder and sugar and simmer for 4-5 minutes to reduce sauce.Soak in water and cool in ice water. Remove and control water. Mix well with sesame oil.