Recommended wearable devices: Bao Ma’s welfare, ecg, body temperature stickers

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How many wearable smart devices are around you?Yes, I don’t think it’s time to ask if you’ve ever seen or experienced a wearable smart device. Wearable devices are the current fashion trend in the tech world.Not only that, but there are some devices that can keep you healthy and keep you safe.Finepo: Bluetooth smart thermometer Is a wearable thermometer connected with mobile phone APP. The design concept adopts human factors engineering to make the product fit under the baby’s armpit, greatly reducing the discomfort of the wearable device. The strict size is tested against swallowing to ensure that the baby will not accidentally swallow it.Temperature acquisition method: respect the medical facts, in the armpit to obtain the temperature, the product adopts the double probe design to obtain the accuracy of the temperature on the double insurance, no matter how the baby moves, there is always a probe close to the skin, to ensure the continuous monitoring of the thermometer.Switching mode: hidden pinhole switch, humanized design to ensure that only adults on the equipment switch machine, to avoid accidental shutdown caused by the interruption of the use of equipment caused by serious medical accidents.Way to wear:Before using it, please download the app “Finepo” from apple or android app store (IOS6.0 and above, Android4.3 and above, bluetooth 4.0). Turn on the bluetooth thermometer, pair it with your phone’s bluetooth, put the thermometer under your baby’s armpit, and then the thermometer starts working. The button battery is supposed to be valid for seven years.Due to the bluetooth 4.0 low-power solution, the standby time of the product can be up to three years, and the continuous operation of 90 to 180 days, can meet a normal baby for 1 to 2 years to measure and monitor the temperature.Alarm reminder: When the temperature is abnormal, the mobile phone will automatically alarm.When the APP is downloaded, the system will give a unified alarm temperature. When the temperature is lower or higher than the specified temperature, the phone will automatically alarm, and the user can reset it according to the specific situation.Once the mobile phone alarm, can immediately take cooling measures or nearby medical treatment.VIVALNK wireless electronic skin Thermometer high temperature alarm, worry-free care at night, sensor • Temperature monitor (flexible Bluetooth temperature patch) will continuously monitor the user’s temperature health.The temperature alarm value can be set independently. When the temperature reaches this value, the alarm will be triggered and the information reminder will be received on the mobile terminal.Remote monitoring sensor • Temperature monitor, one patch two mobile phones, easy to achieve remote temperature monitoring, can check the user’s temperature at any time, and timely intervention.One-click share allows you to export your child’s temperature data at any time and share it with family, friends and doctors.Hellofit Smart ECG monitoring paste: Mobile phone connected to HelloFIT equipment, real-time ecg measurement.The world’s leading American NeuroSky ecg sensor technology provides accurate data analysis.True restore ecg waveform.Combined with multiple indicators to accurately score the user’s heart health, diagnosis report presented synchronously.Accurate warning of abnormal heart rate, intelligent analysis of measurement data, timely put forward reasonable suggestions.Chart intuitive display of heart rate trends, long-term data storage more lasting monitoring of health week, month, season, year intimate comprehensive record and analysis of heart rate health.The purpose of big Health group is to transfer more industry information and for network sharing, does not represent the views of the public account.If found to infringe your intellectual property rights of the work, please contact us, we will promptly modify or delete.This official account marks “original” content is copyright works, without permission, prohibit reprinting.The latest epidemic information, the hottest industry trends, the most comprehensive health science follow us to join the popular videos in the community