Qingming Festival civilization sacrifice proposal

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Citizens friends: in order to further carry forward the fine tradition of the Chinese nation, in-depth implementation of the measures for the administration of the sacrifice of civilization in chaoyang, advocate civilized ritual behavior, strengthen epidemic prevention and control, promote our city to create civilized city work thorough development, build civilized, thrift, environmental protection, the qingming festival martyrs atmosphere of peace and is now sent the following initiatives to all the citizens:First, strictly prevent the epidemic, civilized sacrifice.At present, the situation of epidemic prevention and control is grim and complex, so it is necessary to strictly abide by the relevant regulations and requirements of epidemic prevention and control, further enhance the awareness of safety and prevent mass sacrifice activities.Internet sacrifice, flower sacrifice, family memorial and planting grass and trees are advocated.Two, inherit virtue, thrifty sacrifice.We should uphold the traditional virtues of filial piety, respect and respect for the elderly, establish a new concept of nourishing the elderly and burying them in a thin manner, practice frugality in sacrificial rites, express grief in a green and frugal way, and create a new fashion of social civilization.Three, protect the ecology, environmental protection sacrifice.Advocating green and low-carbon sacrifice, it is forbidden to burn feudal and superstitious funeral articles in urban roads, streets (intersections), squares, parks, scenic spots, green Spaces and other public places, establish environmental awareness, and consciously fulfill the obligation of atmospheric environment protection.Four, pay attention to safety, peace sacrifice.It is strictly prohibited to burn incense and paper, set off lanterns, set off firecrackers and other fire for outdoor worship in forest areas, grasslands and fields, so as to eliminate all kinds of security risks and fire accidents, reduce environmental pollution and jointly protect the green mountains, clear water and blue sky.Lead by example.Party and government organs, enterprises and institutions, social organizations at all levels of staff, in particular, leading cadres should play a leading and exemplary role, adopt various forms to carry out civilized ritual propaganda activities, supervision and discourage uncivilized behavior of sacrifice to practical action to drive people around, be health civilization, advocate low carbon sacrifice wind, disseminator and practitioners.Civilization begins with mind and practice with action.Let us into action, start from now, starts from oneself, consciously abide by the provisions of the current epidemic prevention and control, be a civilized ritual of demonstrators, transforming social traditions of impeller, safe and orderly, fresh air to enlarging the civilization in the new era, with the practical action to build better homes, to promote the development of chaoyang high quality to make new contributions!Chaoyang City Spiritual Civilization Construction Office Chaoyang City Civil Affairs Bureau March 24, 2022 Source: Wenming V Chaoyang wechat public account