Patients with advanced rectal cancer need hot water every day to defecate and seek medical advice only to preserve their anus

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Liu, 45, who lives in Zhangzhou Xiangcheng, developed difficulty defecating in July last year and was examined at Zhongshan Hospital in Xiamen, where he was found to have advanced rectal cancer.The attending doctor suggested surgical treatment, excision of the lesion first, and then chemotherapy.The cancer has not yet spread, but it is close to the anus. If surgery is performed, the anus will have to be completely removed.Mr. Liu could not accept hanging bags at such a young age, so he chose to run away the day before the operation and ran back to Zhangzhou overnight.The doctor does not recommend conservative treatment, because do not hurry up surgery, such as cancer cells spread, there is no hope for surgery, also told the family, as soon as possible to communicate with the patient, grasp the operation, if not surgery, the doctor estimated that Mr. Liu only 8 months of life.Seek medical advice everywhere, eat all folk remedies and Traditional Chinese medicine, spent a lot of money.Mr. Liu said, he ate a lot of folk remedies, some just began to eat still have a little effect, eat for a long time on the failure.For nearly a year, Mr. Liu took miao medicine, traditional Chinese medicine roots, stone therapy, folk remedies, etc., and spent more than 100,000 yuan, but his condition did not improve.Mr. Liu said that he had just taken miao medicine and some traditional Chinese medicine for roots, and the effect was very good.After eating the root for several months, Mr. Liu’s condition improved significantly and he went to a hospital in Zhangzhou for blood test. The doctor said that the number of cancer cells showed a decreasing trend and he could continue to take the medicine.Just when everything was going well, Mr. Liu caught a cold and collapsed suddenly. Lying on the bed, he could not move. He continued to eat roots, but to no avail.He went to the hospital again for examination, and the doctor informed Mr. Liu that there was a risk of further deterioration and metastasis of the lesion, and suggested that he go to Xiamen for surgery.First chemotherapy and then anal surgery (the hospital introduced advanced machines, have the opportunity to do anal surgery) came to Xiamen hospital for examination, the attending doctor expressed admiration for Mr. Liu, a year, cancer cells did not spread, this is incredible.Then the attending physician made a set of treatment plan, the doctor suggested That Mr. Liu need to do several rounds of chemotherapy to reduce the lesion and reach the surgical index before he could do anal preservation surgery. However, the doctor later said that he could not guarantee whether the anus could be preserved, but only said he would do his best, depending on the effect of chemotherapy.Chemotherapy side effect earth fell down in the toilet after a chemotherapy, the body side effect is obvious, often feel evil want to vomit, no appetite, the body is also very weak.Mr. Liu said, once again when the toilet, suddenly dizzy, directly fell in the toilet, the toilet to smash the broken, fortunately the body did not hinder, the back of the inspection found, just the arm a little bruise.Every day before going to the toilet, you need to use hot water to wash the anus, and spend half an hour to flush, in order to smoothly discharge a little stool.A few days of urine and feces can not be excreted, the pain will roll on the ground, cold sweat, sometimes a little urine out, are blood red.It was so weak that it was hard to get up, so I could only lie in bed, not sit.I always want to go to the toilet every morning, so I dare not go out during the day, and I have to squat on the toilet in half an hour on average.I couldn’t eat, sleep or pull myself out. I just went back and forth between the bed and the bathroom countless times a day.Finally, Mr. Liu also reminded us to pay more attention to health, if there is continuous diarrhea or serious constipation, we should go to the hospital in time for examination, early detection and early treatment, otherwise when it develops into terminal cancer, suffering or their families.(Mr. Liu above is a pseudonym, any similarity is purely coincidental)