On the second day of the lunar New Year, Cao Huiquan went to these places and visited these people

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Cao Huiquan check during the Spring Festival of road traffic safety, market supply and visit sympathy frontline staff on duty go all out to ensure that citizens have a stable and peaceful Spring Festival on February 2, annual lunar calendar, party secretary Cao Huiquan grass-roots level line, check the road traffic safety during the Spring Festival, the market supply, etc., see sympathy staff on duty during the Spring Festival, inspiring us to post,We will do our best to ensure a peaceful and peaceful Chinese New Year.Municipal standing committee, publicity minister Jiang Xiaozhong to participate in the activity.At the municipal public security bureau command center, Cao Huiquan heard the work report during the Spring Festival the city road traffic security, looked at the city’s main roads and highway entrances live traffic, to the front line condolences and thank, the public security police on duty for the city’s public security organ shall pay special attention to the Olympics, travel peak and other important nodes of the security work time,We will ensure that roads are safe and smooth when cold, rainy and freezing weather occurs, and ensure that people have a happy and peaceful Spring Festival.Command center reporter/espec Cao Huiquan research public security organ Taken Cao Huiquan research/espec tianyuan supermarket reporters Taken Cao Huiquan see a glimmer of police on duty/espec journalist Taken Cao Huiquan see a glimmer of the traffic police on duty reporter/espec was taken to the county bus station, the Cao Huiquan ask passenger service during the festival, capacity, security, epidemic prevention and control, etc.,Inspect the station order maintenance, bus safety inspection and so on.Cao urged relevant departments to provide a safe and comfortable travel environment for the general public on the basis of strict prevention and control of the epidemic risk, according to the characteristics of passenger flow and weather during the Spring Festival.In tiantai Road “city police” box, Cao Huiquan visited the police auxiliary police stick to the post line, thank them for their own hard work for the safety of the people of the city, for the citizens to spend a peaceful and peaceful Spring Festival contributed to the strength.In tianyuan supermarket, normalized Cao Huiquan inspection supervision epidemic prevention and control and market supply security and so on work, when to know market requirements for all personnel wear a face mask, prevention and control measures such as temperature measurement, check the health code, he told the controller completes the goods insured for supermarket, food security and epidemic prevention and control work, to ensure that prevention and supply.”Happy New Year to you!”At the garbage transfer station on Taishan West Road, Cao huiquan extended his New Year greetings to the sanitation workers, asking about their work and living conditions and thanking them for their hard work for urban construction and the better life of the citizens.Source/Zhuzhou Daily · Palm Zhuzhou reporter/Kuang Kunhong editor/Xiao an contribute email: 610255300@qq.com news hotline: 17352733309 (Wu reporter), 15907333036 (Shu reporter) statement: share to respect the original, reprint please indicate the source, the author.If there is infringement, please contact “Zhuzhou release” to delete.