Hefei 2021 municipal leisure tourism demonstration site (rural) publicity, Feixi 4 on the list

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According to the local standard of Anhui Province “Evaluation of Leisure Tourism Demonstration Sites (Villages)” (DB34/T3392 — 2019), recommended by the cultural and tourism administrative departments of each county (city),Municipal Culture and Tourism Bureau organized comprehensive evaluation according to the procedures, herun Farm and other 14 units have reached the standard requirements of municipal leisure tourism demonstration sites (villages), and are planning to be identified as municipal leisure tourism demonstration sites (villages), which are hereby publicized.The publicity period is from January 21 to January 27, 2022.It is planned to be designated as hefei 2021 Municipal Leisure tourism Demonstration sites (villages) list 1FeiXi dragon in the ecological farm 3, feixi county, anhui spring water farm 4, feixi county, hefei Kong Yong family farm 5 FeiXi county village space lotus base. 6, cultivated grain full field vines rural complex 7, 8 cultivated nature ecology park, cultivated on the safety of macro lu, folk custom garden 9, changfeng county hu small farm to 10, changfeng county double its crescent river ecological farm 11, changfeng county ecological farm use;Feixilongju Ecological Family Farm is located in Wangji Village, Guanting Town, Feixi County, Hefei City. The park takes Hui-style architecture as the main style, and the environment is very beautiful.Within 10 kilometers of the park, there are 4A-level scenic spots guanting Linhai and Mingchuan’s residence, 3A-level scenic pi-tuan Vanilla farm and characteristic Hui community, and pi-shi-hang imental Irrigation pi-shi-hang and the riverside Reconstruction project xing to the north.There are food planting experience area, fishing area, vegetable picking area, dragon fruit picking garden, flat peach picking garden, grape picking garden and so on.And there are their own fruit chickens, old ducks, big white geese, all fed their own farm vegetables and fruits, rice and so on.According to the season, a series of cultural picking activities are held regularly.FeiXi spring water farm of anhui spring water ecological farm was established in 2012, located in the town of feixi county feng le a beautiful small village – double jujube village, convenient transportation, the farm covers an area of about 100 mu, covering catering, leisure, tourism, studies, sales of agricultural products, such as business, now in reception of visitors has more than 300000 people.The farm is only ten kilometers away from sanhe ancient town, only five kilometers away from Fengle lotus pond of ten thousand mu. The farm has a beautiful environment and complete facilities.It is the best choice for leisure travel, party dining, group construction and expansion.Feixi Kongyong Family farm park is located in Sanyuan Village, Yandian Township, Feixi County, on the shore of Chaohu Lake, hetong Road through the township, the project area is located in hetong roadside, only 26 kilometers away from the provincial capital Hefei.The roads in the park are well paved, the play route is reasonably designed, and there are detailed guidebooks and signs.Kong Yong Family Farm Co., Ltd. always produces green, high quality, pollution-free agricultural products in the first place.At present, there are more than 4000 mu of planting area in the park, and the main products are grapes, strawberries, watermelons, peaches, pears, figs, plums, apricots, sheep horn honey and so on.Among them, “Kongyong Grape”, “Kongyong strawberry” and “Kongyong Watermelon” have national trademarks, and their products have also obtained national green food certification.Shannan Changzhuang Village is located in the southwest of Feixi County, with remote location and inconvenient transportation.Village area 4.6 square kilometers, hilly landform.In cooperation with the Innovation Research Institute of the Hefei Botanical Garden, Changzhuang Village has built a core landscape of rural revitalization with the theme of “lotus”, planting more than 100 kinds of lotus crops such as king lotus, water lily and Indian red lotus, enhancing the ornamental and ecological benefits of space lotus.It has built supporting rural tourism facilities such as sightseeing and leisure, and held four consecutive summer lotus appreciation meetings in Changzhuang Village. It has created rural tourism and leisure agriculture, promoted the development of local farm entertainment and sales of agricultural and sideline products, and increased the income of rural households.Extending the “lotus” industry chain, the company deeply develops lotus seed products, establishes lotus seed processing workshops, and develops tourism commodities such as lotus seed, lotus leaf tea, lotus wine, rice, shrimp and rice, with an annual revenue of 10 million yuan and 1 million tourist visits.