Every year there are fish, red hot over the big dinner party of spicy grilled fish!

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Want is to have fish every year, thriving Spring Festival dinner!Chinese people attach great importance to the Spring Festival, which is also a reunion day for the whole family.From the historical and cultural tradition, Chinese people’s favorite festive color is red, there is also said to be called “Chinese red”!For as long as I remember from my childhood, New Year’s Eve dinners were held at home.Killing chickens, washing vegetables, steaming eggs, cooking fish, mother is always busy.Our happiness is wearing new clothes, filling our pockets with melon seeds, peanuts and sugar, and going out to set off firecrackers!At that time the children set off firecrackers, firecrackers are scattered, one by one put!Nowadays, most families in cities have their New Year’s Eve dinner in restaurants.First, living conditions are getting better and better. There is no economic burden and no pressure to save.The second is to reduce the amount of labor of the female members of the family, so that we can easily enjoy the New Year together.Three is to avoid the embarrassment of cooking at home, such as a table of dishes all done, often half of the dishes have no heat.Today, we had dinner at a spicy grilled fish restaurant.The owner was careful to note the degree of spiciness.We can’t eat four stars. It’s too spicy!Our choice is a grilled fish with sauerkraut, which is only one star spicy.The other was the three-star “Big Red Lantern Grilled Fish”.As for fish, there are also choices, grass carp, perch, guizhou fish and jiangtuan, we choose guizhou fish.For the side dishes, we chose green bamboo shoots, potatoes, duck blood and bean curd brains.What about the main course? Noodles.”Red lantern grilled fish” came up, the eyes of a bright, red lantern pepper is really happy!The shop also arranged to open a fish lucky draw, old father drew a small red envelope!It’s not much money, but it’s very festive!By the way, a cup of osmanthus yogurt can solve the hot!2022 Spring Festival, I wish you and your family peace, health, happiness and happiness!Food # #