An American man’s finger was crushed by the electric suction door of the Mercedes GLE model. Should Mercedes compensate him?

2022-04-24 0 By

A man in the United States had his finger cut off by an electric suction door of a Mercedes GLE model. Despite emergency medical treatment, his finger could not be restored.So should Mercedes be responsible?As we all know, electric suction door is a “noble” symbol, often in those more advanced models will be equipped.We don’t usually have one in a family car.However, this feature is potentially dangerous.At the time of the accident, the man’s right hand was in the back near the B-pillar and his right thumb was in the door frame on the inside of the car when the door suddenly closed, causing irreparable damage to his finger.The man has filed a lawsuit alleging that Mercedes-Benz failed to inform the company of the risks and that the doors lacked better safety measures.It is reported that the owner’s manual does not directly indicate the risk of electric suction door design, only the use of electric tail door to improve.So the owner sues Mercedes. Can he win?Let me start with the conclusion that Mercedes is not responsible.The owner is going to lose.It’s simple. Who puts their hand on b-pillar when they close the door?So the owner brought this problem on himself, not the car.Let’s take a simpler example. For example, if you put your hand on the window and it pinches and it bleeds, can you complain about the window?And when you are driving at night, driving on the highway, did not turn on the high beams, the result of a traffic accident, can you blame the car’s headlights are not on?What a thick specification it would be if so many small problems were to be written down in it.So if the electric suction door finger gets squeezed off, it’s the owner’s fault.Don’t blame the Mercedes manufacturer.Others say warning signs should be posted on doors.Just like the general store doors are often attached to pull, or push the same.If so, there would be signs plastered all over the car.It should also be affixed near the Windows, and do not place your hand on the window when closing it.Attach them near the headlights, and turn on the high beams when you’re on the highway.In fact, with the development of automobile intelligence, I think many problems, consumers should have subjective judgment, what should be done, what is not to do.Under what circumstances can a customer Sue Mercedes?Unless the Benz electric suction door has anti-clamp function, and Benz as a selling point for product promotion.But in the actual use of the user, not only does not have the anti-clamping function of the electric suction door, but the finger is clipped off, so in this case, the user has sufficient reason to Sue Mercedes Benz.