A 27-year-old girl marries a 75-year-old man, regardless of the world, and lives alone for her husband

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Sweet love, harmonious family, is a lot of people pursue beautiful things, and love the people hand in hand to go through life, will leave a lot of good memories in life.Even some people for love regardless of personal danger, can put aside the secular vision.In the early days of the founding of new China, there was a young girl who, regardless of the criticism of others, insisted on marrying a 75-year-old man.She thought she had found the love of her dreams, but she didn’t realize how hard the road would be.The girl’s name is Hu Yousong, is the illegitimate daughter of film star Hu Die, as long as she can remember, she has never seen her father, has been living with her mother.Even in those turbulent times, their mothers were relatively well off because they were stars.Hu later developed eczema while living in the south.To cure her, the doctor suggested that she go to live in the north.So Hu Die put his daughter, entrusted to Zhang Zongchang’s aunt Shen Wenzhi.But hu Die, Shen Wenzhi is willing to take over Hu Yousong, not because of love her, but for the treasure of Hu Die.In order to thank her friends for their help and save her daughter from suffering, she would send her living expenses to Shen wenzhi every once in a while.Shen Wenzhi squandered a large amount of living expenses, Hu Yousong in front of the adoptive mother, has never been taken care of, not to mention maternal love.Later, Hu Die moved to Hong Kong. After hearing about her daughter’s experience, She wanted Hu Yousong to return to her side. However, Shen Wenzhi refused hu Die’s request because she was unwilling to let go of this cash cow.Hu Yousong, who had a very rough childhood, developed an introverted personality at a very young age.After graduating from middle school, she could have taken the college entrance exam, but her adoptive mother squandered all her living expenses, so she had no choice but to apply for a medical college. After graduating from school, she entered a hospital and became a nurse.Because her adoptive mother was the wife of a warlord, Hu was often ridiculed and suppressed even after she went to work. This difficult life continued until she was 27, when her life changed drastically.In the 1960s, homesick Li zongren returned to China with his wife and was received by Premier Zhou.An old man, he settled down in Beijing, hoping to live out his life in security.But fate makes people, his wife died because of breast cancer, this matter let Li Zongren deeply hit, for a long period of time can not walk out of sadness.When his friends saw how miserable he was, they thought of a lot of ideas. Finally, they decided to find another secretary for his life, who could take care of his daily life and also accompany him.After many selections, young Hu Yousong was chosen.At first, she only knew that she was going to apply for a job, and the object of care is the hero li Zongren.For this big man, she also heard a lot of stories, so from the bottom of my heart is admire Li Zongren.Li Zongren also saw a lot of candidates, but hu Yousong is very fond of.In the process that get along, Li Zongren revealed his intention, hope and Hu Yousong marry husband and wife, let her become his wife.In the first half of his life, Hu Yousong, who had never experienced the warmth of his family, was flustered in the face of the sudden confession.But after thinking it over, she longed for a warm home of her own.The age gap between the two was 48 years. After the news of the marriage, there was a lot of discussion.The outside world is generally not optimistic about their feelings, there are many people believe that Hu Yousong is covet Li Zongren’s wealth.Hu Yousong regardless of the criticism of the outside world married Li Zongren, but she is a girl after all, the comments of the outside world intensified, also let her bear a lot of pressure.Emotional breakdown on their wedding night, she proposed to sleep in a separate room with Li Zongren, to which Li did not object.For a long time, Hu didn’t know how to get along with Li.But as time went by, she felt her husband’s care for her, and the couple’s relationship gradually improved.To prove that she did not marry her husband because of money, Hu donated all the family property after Li’s death, leaving only some of Li’s belongings and later donated them to the state.Hu, who was just 30 years old at the time, could have started a new family, but she chose to live her life alone for Li.Although a person’s life is miserable, she can still be happy with herself.At the age of 56, Hu Yousong saw the world of mortals and decided to escape to Buddhism, under the name of Miaohui Layman. In her later years, she stayed with the Blue Lantern Buddha, putting aside the troubles of the world, and walked the rest of her life in peace.In 2008, Hu Yousong died of illness, her life was questioned, she finally with practical action, proved their pursuit of love and loyalty, admirable.