If you eat too many sugar oranges, your skin will turn yellow

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The favorite in fruit sugar orange sugar orange become people leisure when the excellent fruit, because, its color orange yellow to orange red, fruit wall thin, easy to peel.Sugar tangerine is especially authentic in Huangtian Town of Sihui. It is delicious and extremely sweet, with no residue and delicate taste.This Spring Festival, the most popular fruit, oranges must be on the list, the number of fruits, also look at us sugar oranges, some net users said: thieves like to eat sugar oranges, can not stop eating, it seems that they really love to eat ah.”Sugar orange Destroyer means I’m still my normal color.Before reading popular science, people’s skin yellowing degree will be different, let me eat a catty!.”Distance education technology Shandong Co., LTD. : It seems that everyone’s love of sugar orange is very upsurge.Why eat sugar tangerine skin will turn yellow can be seen in many text about eating sugar tangerine skin yellow, actually this is not a big thing, the skin will become yellow, because orange is rich in carotene, eat too much in the short term, high levels of carotenoids in the blood will be deposited in the skin cutin layer and mucosa, yellow skin,It is called “carotenemia”.Want to stop to eat only, lead a week or two color to be able to fade gradually, have no effect to health.What fruit do you eat in your home for Chinese New Year?The whole orange body is treasure fresh orange peel contains a lot of vitamin C and essential oil, with qi and phlegm, spleen and stomach functions;Chew it several times to spit out the residue, more effective in removing bad breath;Orange peel tea can be refreshing and refreshing, but when using orange peel, try to soak in clean water for 24 hours to remove agricultural and stains on the surface.When we open an orange, we can see the white veins on the orange flesh. This thing is called tangerine, which contains “rutin”, so the taste is a little bitter. But rutin can make the blood vessels flexible and reduce the crispness and permeability of the blood vessel wall, which can reduce the occurrence of cerebral hemorrhage.Tangerine peel in Traditional Chinese medicine is the dried tangerine peel, and the older the better, tangerine peel taste hot, bitter, warm, go to the spleen and stomach, and rice porridge is good for the stomach.It is well known that eating too many oranges can make your skin turn yellow because of the high carotene content in oranges, which can lead to “carotenemia”, but there are many other foods besides oranges that can also affect your skin tone!For example, mango, pumpkin, carrot, in addition, pumpkin, spinach, broccoli, sweet potato and other foods will also cause skin yellow, but under normal circumstances do not need special treatment, stop eating 2 to 6 weeks can be completely subside.Tangerine tree morphological characteristics of tangerine tree strong, medium crown, round head shape, developed root system, round head type, dense branches, slightly upright, strong hair tip, oval leaves, dark green, slightly serrate margin, smaller wing.Flowers smaller, fully flowered.It is one of the citrus varieties with stable yield and high yield.General planting 3 years can bear fruit, 5 years later the peak period.The yield per plant is 100-200 jin, the high yield is 350-400 jin, and the fruit is good for storage.The difference between sugar orange and other oranges sugar orange fruit is oblate, tuberous protrusion at the top, the hilum end depression, orange color, thin wall, easy to peel.Sugar tangerine road sweet, and ordinary orange taste acid;The color of sugar orange peel is bright orange, thin and easy to peel, and the fruit is round and flat. Ordinary oranges are usually large, oblate to nearly round, and their epiderms are mostly light yellow or green.Granulated black spots on granulated sugar skin, but not on other oranges.Sugar orange peel is very crisp, easy to break, other orange peel is tough, not easy to break.1, cold and cold, eating more will aggravate the illness.Don’t throw tangerine when eating oranges.Traditional Chinese medicine believes tangerine collaterals can clear collaterals and reduce phlegm, regulate qi and promote blood circulation.It is good for chronic bronchitis and coronary heart disease.Tangerine contains a substance called lu Ding, can make blood vessels maintain normal elastic mei density, reduce the brittleness and permeability of blood vessel wall, prevent hypertensive patients from cerebral hemorrhage, diabetes retina hemorrhage.Eat no more than three oranges a day.Eating too much is bad for your mouth and teeth.Don’t eat oranges and radishes together.Eating them together can cause goitre.In addition to radish, also can’t eat with milk, otherwise the fruit acid in the orange will make the protein in the milk coagulation, affect absorption, serious will also appear abdominal distension, abdominal pain, diarrhea and other symptoms, therefore, should eat orange after drinking milk an hour.