How many realistic questions does “The Distance Between Us and Evil” reveal?

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As a Taiwanese drama that won six Golden Bell Awards in 2019, The Distance between Us and Evil has received a whopping 9.5 points and over 130 million views since its release.The play boldly pointed out many profound social problems.Tells the story of the heroine Song Qiao an is taste news station media director, as two years ago Li Xiaoming indiscriminate murder victim’s family, two years has been paralyzed with work, and her husband and daughter gradually away.Li Xiaoming’s sister alias Li Dazhi inadvertently become song Qiao an’s subordinate, defense lawyer Wang She is committed to maintaining the justice of the judiciary, do not want public opinion left and right legal justice, then tripartite forces began to entwine.At this point, how many realistic questions does The Distance between Us and Evil reveal?In genre dramas, the topic selection itself is a part of the narrative strategy. For example, in China’s police and bandit dramas, family ethics dramas and urban emotion dramas, the corresponding audiences are selected at the beginning of the theme selection.Among many themes, crime themes create a spectacular scene because of its unique authenticity, sociality and curiosity, which captures people’s curiosity and desire for exploration of criminal behavior itself, so it often has a surprise effect from the topic selection.The crime film takes the crime event as a kind of theme to unfold the film narration, and has no mature and stable type program of its own.In The Distance between Us and Evil, you can find that the beginning of the series is eye-catching enough: indiscriminate murder, victim, murderer, all sorts of adrenaline-pumping elements come into play.However, when we uncover the mystery, we find that there are three forces competing behind this seemingly extreme social topic: media, justice and public opinion.These are all three aspects of ordinary People’s Daily lives.First, public opinion represents the common voice of the people.Justice is the yardstick for judging everything and cannot be controlled by any forces.The media is the public opinion that focuses on the events that people are most concerned about and can control the whole event.These three parts should exist independently without interference and complement each other. However, when extreme situations occur, public opinion will unconsciously bind the media and the judiciary, and everything will go out of order.When the media begin to guess and guide the public opinion, the public opinion will become an invisible weapon to kill people, killing people indiscriminately through the media, making people “socially dead”.This phenomenon not only appears in the drama, in today’s Internet ecology, human flesh search events emerge one after another, many hot events of the victim’s privacy has been repeatedly violated.Such as Hangzhou woman take express event, the woman not only portrait rights were violated, but also suffered malicious slander.Public opinion can make an ordinary person mental breakdown, and at this time if there is no legal weapon, so people’s legitimate rights and interests will not be guaranteed.The lag of justice and the abuse of power by the media are worrying.So the us and the distance of the evil is contained in the deep mining is the crime of huge social energy, it makes people face to face with real, face to face with ourselves, to reflect on the human nature, every extreme anger behind is the condition of the abuse of power, in the face of such situation and should be how to deal with emotions, is show to the audience’s questions.The classic narrative method often adopted in genre dramas often simplifies the story contradiction into binary opposition.Common binary opposites, such as justice and evil, tradition and modernity, and good and evil, are all narrated under this framework. Simple choice can bring great moral satisfaction to the audience, but at the same time, it also sacrifices the complexity brought by the image itself.Therefore, The Distance between Us and Evil eliminates this simple narrative structure and adopts a more complex narrative strategy to increase the depth of the work.Often, “there are narrative elements — cops and gangsters, good and evil — that make for an action-packed, good and evil story.”However, in The Distance between Us and Evil, good and evil are deconstructed, and their relationship does not conform to the binary opposition structure we know.In the play, we can feel that there is no clear boundary between justice and evil, the identity of the perpetrator and the victim has been repeatedly replaced, the media has replaced the police, public opinion has taken over the judiciary, and the original situation of mutual checks and balances has been torn apart, leaving only the shady human nature to blame each other.When a vicious case occurs, people who speak out on the Internet are condemning the “evil” one after another, and it seems that criminals can be executed without going through the law.This is the anger of public opinion, and this is also the invisible direction.Sensing the pain point of the public, the media, which relies on the attention of the public, tightly entwined itself on this “huge tree of anger”, amplifying everyone’s anger and fear with its own media advantages, which ultimately led to the situation of self-danger.The precarious social trust system is on the verge of collapse, moving towards a vicious circle of black holes.Angry people not only condemn “evil” in extreme ways, but also instinctively deny “evil” without much thought.The judiciary, the media and the public opinion itself have all been caught up in the torrent and cannot help it.Can there be a gray area between good and evil?Is there a fine line between supervision and coercion?Is li Dazhi’s family living in the society as a person, or as Li Xiaoming’s family living in the society?When they die socially, the social channels of communication remain active?People to think of themselves as self-righteousness, justice itself, but everyone is through the media in the “evil”, everyone in the supervision of power to use his hand to “indiscriminate killings,” as long as there is innocent people were forced to detonate public opinion will be “social” death, why can catch media in the public eye, why always rely on a vulgar bo person eyeball,Is this not because of the evil of human nature?So while the show may not seem so pleasant when the dichotomy is removed, because it hits a sore spot, it also brings viewers closer to reality, a benign boost.Want to know more exciting content, come to entertainment entertainment