90 after the girl returned to study abroad to do a nanny, white blind parents carefully cultivated for many years?

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Babysitting is considered a low-end job by many people, most of whom are not highly educated.Recently, a woman born in the 1990s chose to become a live-in nanny after returning from studying abroad, which caused a stir online.She was ridiculed by netizens for being overqualified and even blocked by her own mother.It’s not common for an international student to work as a nanny, and it doesn’t sound very respectable, but is her choice really worth despising?Many people have the impression that a live-in nanny’s main job is cleaning, cooking and taking care of the daily life of her employer’s family, which is hard and undignified.The people employed in this industry are generally elderly “damas” without much education.However, it is unexpected that a post-90s girl who can speak fluent English and Japanese, and can play the violin and piano after studying in Japan for a year, has chosen to become a live-in nanny.She has a monthly salary of 15,000 yuan and is mainly responsible for taking her children to and from school, reading picture books with them, playing the piano with them, cultivating their interest in reading and music, washing clothes for them, and occasionally making up for the hostess.The girl is very happy to do this job for 5 years, but many netizens do not understand: “in the final analysis, it is a service, no status, go out to be a training teacher is also good ah!””It’s not worth it. I’m so young to be a nanny. My life circle is too small.”Can I get married if I keep doing this?”When her mother found out she was a nanny, she scolded her and blocked her.I was a little surprised to see such a well-educated, young, versatile girl serving as a nanny for me.Isn’t it something to congratulate and celebrate that she has put aside respectability and found a job that makes her happy and supports her?While nannying may not sound very respectable, she is well rewarded for her work, which is better than many.According to relevant data statistics, China’s monthly income of 2000 yuan below the population accounted for 38%, the monthly income of 2000-5000 yuan people accounted for 46%, the monthly income of 5000-10000 yuan accounted for 13%, the monthly income of 10000 yuan more than 3%.Girls with their own skills, more than 97% of the people in the country, what shame?Isn’t she better than some of those people who sit at home all day and chew on their parents because of their high education?On the Internet, there is a term “excellent student wasters”, which refers to those “parasites” who can’t support themselves except for their academic degrees. Compared with them, who should be ridiculed and despised?The word “nanny” may sound undignified, but there’s no shame in eating with your own bootstraps.Is an advanced degree overqualified to be a nanny?In addition, many netizens feel that a girl who works as a nanny is simply overqualified and wasted years of careful training by her parents.Mommy thinks her job is more like a family version of a “baby teacher”.Reading English picture books with children, practicing piano with children, combing children’s hair, playing games with children, these are kindergarten teachers’ daily work, aren’t they?She wasn’t overqualified to be a nanny, she found an opportunity to use her expertise.Some say she’s a service woman. What job in the world isn’t?Office white-collar, to “serve” party A father;Bank staff, to “serve” the majority of users;Even bosses have to “serve” clients…The essence of work is to “serve” people, we use our labor, time, knowledge in exchange for the corresponding payment.There is no distinction between work and work. As long as we can give full play to our expertise and provide the best service to others, then work is valuable.Education should not be the limit of our employment, for the so-called “decent”, and dare not try more possibilities, that is the tragedy of life.With her education and skills, the girl has been favored by many employers and her future is promising.